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Alexis Mercy



Santa Clara, CA 95050
United States


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Alexis Mercy


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Philosophy and Comments        

2 Days Old! 'Get Me Out Of Here! 'Tramatic Birth! (Ears swollen from - forceps pulling me out; taking me away from my... 'Biological Mother' - detaching my ears;having plastic surgery - at one day old)! Philosophy and Comments, "If you can't help Me - Then Get Out Of My Way!"

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Woo... Baby 'Me' with my Dad! That Picture depicts my Personality then - and Now & My Work Ethics! Work Hours & Fee Schedule... *The More The Merrier!

In Memory Of: My Grandmother And My Mother        

The two most important people in my life... No longer here with me; for me! The two people (singulariliy) that tried to save me! In deepest fondest memory.




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