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Animal Teachers Enterprises

Virginia Carper


5902G Queenston St
Springfield, VA 22152
United States
T: 703-569-3270

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“Connecting People and Animals!” (c)

  • Animal Teachers offers a wide array of possibilities for you.

  • Do you want to know what the animals have to say to you? I offer readings and books.

  • Do you want to hold their energy? Receive animal empowerments, Reiki, or wear my jewelry infused with animal energies.

  • For those who want to know more, take the self-paced courses that I offer. (Receive credit for home schooling or adult education.)

  • Are you worried about your dear pet? Pet readings will help you discover how to help them. Animal friends Reiki will lessen their fears.

  • Animal Teachers provides these services and more. Receive the gifts from the animals and thrive!

  • Profile and Credentials        

    From the time I could walk, my mother opened up the world of nature to me. She took me on walks in the woods to identify the birds, flowers, trees, and animals. On our walks, I grew in the knowledge of what nature offered people.

    Because of my closeness to animals of all varieties, I could apply their wisdom to my life. From the squirrels in my yard, I learned about saving for a rainy day. From my pet red-eared slider, I learned the value of moving as slowly as a turtle. My small dog, Tiny, taught me how to love and to let go. My parrot, Tweetie, taught me loss and responsibility.

    Nature taught me that there is always room to grow, new things to try, or different perspectives to consider. A lifetime is barely enough time to learn the basics, and only scratches the surface. I am taught by the animals, time, nature, my friends, and my clients that there is always something else to learn.

    Philosophy and Comments        

    Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

    Animal Teachers' Services        

    For more info about services, please see this page

    Animal Empowerments
    Animals have gifts that they are willing to offer people. One gift of the animals is their energies to empower people on their journey of life. With their gift, each animal offers their particular help to the person. These gifts range from healing energy to wise counsel. Come and partake of the gifts from the Animals!.

    Pet Readings
    Friendly and compassionate readings for you and your animal friends. Most of the time, we know what our animal friends need and want. However, sometimes our pet’s behavior baffles us. By communicating with them, we can learn how to help our animal companions.

    Find and Reconnect with Your Animal Guides and Teachers
    Be reconnected with your Sacred Spirit Animals. Some animals are companions for life, while other animals are companions for a part of your life journey. Once you are introduced to your Medicine Animals, you will not walk alone.

    Classes on Animal Teachers
    How do you find your Medicine Animals? How do you work with them? Learn how to recognize and learn from your personal, message, and shadow animals. Or do you simply want to know more about them. Take these courses and become closer to the animals.

    Book Catalog
    Add to your understanding of animals. Discover how to recognize what they are telling you. All our books are published by Lulu and are available as e-books or paper backs.

    For Those Wanting More: Reiki and Jewelry        

    For those who wish to be Reiki masters of using animal energies, I offer the following courses. As a Master myself, I will work with you to understand and use these special energies. Afterwards, you will be able to attune your students to these wonderful Reiki systems.

    See this page for more information.

    Inspired by the animals, lovingly handmade, jewelry just for you! Each one-of-a-kind piece is designed using only natural materials and colorful beads. All have connections with the animals.

    Feel the power of the animals by wearing jewelry from Animal Teachers. Wear a necklace knowing that it is imbued by the animals. Carry a pocket totem to remind yourself that your animal friends are near-by.

    Contact Animal Teachers for the animal of your choice, price range, and styles. Or commission a piece for yourself.

    See this page for more information.

    For Animal Teachers' Classes        

    For more info about classes, please see this page

    Take these fun self-paced courses at UniversalClass. Receive a certificate in "animal teachers". Suitable for homeschoolers.(Links opens window.)

    "Finding Your Animal Teachers"
    "Working with Your Animal Allies, Teachers, and Totems"
    "Animals for Everyone: Mammals"
    "Animals for Everyone: Penguins"

    Courses In Mid-Atlantic Area! (MD, WVA, VA, WASH D.C.)

    For more info about classes, please see this page

    Ocean Friends Reiki (Co-Founder)        

    Ocean Friends Reiki is here to guide you to the waters of LOVE, POWER and PEACEFUL healing. This healing system pulls much from the animal totem/shamanic belief about these three special beings from the sea. -- the manatee, seahorse, and sea turtle. All have such special healing qualities.

    Not only do they have such amazing healing, nurturing sides, but they are also quite spirited!

    Be Energized and Healed!

    We (Shanti Johnson and Virginia Carper) are practicing Reiki Master Teachers

    Contact us by email

    Ocean Friends Reiki is a awesome three level healing system that will guide you toward your playful, loving self!

    There is so much great fun that the manatees have every day, as well as the sea horses and sea turtles! We can join in the fun and frolic as well as be guided to relaxation, and serenity! We hope you enjoy this course as much as we do!

    You will receive 4 attunements, a beautiful certificate, lineage and on-line support. The print manual is a wonderfully detailed with lesson plans, meditation, and so much more. Come experience the Ocean Friends and their World. Jump in and join them!

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