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Jeffrey Belanger



513 Snyder Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
United States
T: 734-657-3210


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Jeff Belanger, Certified Advanced Rolfer


Rolfing is a successful alternative to traditional medicine for chronic pain. Rolfing works by helping clients to find and release habits of muscle tightness. As tightness relaxes then body structure "untwists". Untwisting the body relieves many chronic pain and soreness conditions.

Profile and Credentials        

I have been in practice since 1982. I was certified as a Rolfer by the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Co. in 1982. Again in 1986 the Rolf Institute certified me as an Advanced Rolfer. I specialize and concentrate only in the science and art of Rolfing.

Philosophy and Comments        

Healing results from getting the right information and then acting on it. My job, with my clients, is to provide good information and guidance. My clients then make the mental, emotional, and spiritual changes they see are needed to heal themselves.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Office hours are Tuesday through Saturday. Sessions are $115.00





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