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Ann Marie O'Dell - Personal Psychic Consultations by Phone or Studio


Free Your soul with an accurate, empathic Psychic reading with Certified Adviser, Ann Marie. What's keeping you up nights? Let's read on your concern by Phone or a Personal studio session. With over 30 yrs reading experience you will be treated with professionalism and kindness.

Profile and Credentials        


@ I will not judge you.

@ I will be truthful, but tactful.

@I will not sugar coat the truth to keep you coming back. I will tell the good with the bad.

@ I will help "form" your questions when you are having trouble asking what you feel.

@ I will admit when I`m over my head, and refer you to qualified sources.

@ I am not a fortune teller. All readings will fit within a 12 month time frame.

@ I won`t play God and predict death or life span.

@ I am an Intuitive spiritual guide, but will not encourage you to be dependent on me.

@ Your path with God is your own.

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Philosophy and Comments        


1} BRING A LIST OF QUESTIONS - Before your session write down the things keeping you awake at night. During the day, add to your list other topics you would like a reading on.

Go to the Google Play Store and search for Total Recall
2. Install the app
3. Launch the app
4. Open up your dialler or contacts app and start a call
5. Total Recall automatically records the conversation and stops when you hang up.
6. Go back to the app, select the conversation, and listen back.

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Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I will work with your schedule, whether you are located in the States or Abroad. After making your payment through Pay Pal, contact me by email or phone to schedule best time for our session.

I will use Skype if you ask for it, as well as Face to Face Video Chat. Readings are typically by Phone or in person at my studio. I read with clarity by all forms of communication.

See my client reviews at Best Psychics Directory

My Blog "The Feng Shui Gypsy"

Ann Marie's Tarot Joy ~ Achieve Radio TV        

TIME: 6:00pm Eastern 5:00pm Central, 3:00pm Pacific

The Oldest & Most Trusted Station of its Kind in the World
Psychic Radio, Holistic Radio, Spiritual Radio
Ann Marie's Achieve Radio page
Ann Marie's Tarot Joy
Call in Radio Advice! 602-666-6027

Join Master Tarot practitioner, Ann Marie, every Wednesday at one of Cyber Radios first and most respected stations, "Achieve Radio." Ann Marie offers flowing Certified Psychic Phone Readings with warm kitchen table Intuitive Advice, weekly spiritual guests, Oprah Winfrey tests. Achieve Radio now takes Ann Marie Live through You Tube. Watch your reading LIVE on Achieve TV! Call-In Line 602-666-6027. {*5}

My Book: Gardens of the Sisterhood * Amazon & Balboa        

See My Book Site: SisterhoodGardens.com

My Book "Gardens of the Sisterhood" can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Balboa Publishing. Showcased in 2011 at the Hay House "I Can Do It" Spiritual Expo, my book shows how to create a beautiful, mystical garden space around a sculpture, chimes, or entryway. Ask your favorite vision tool, "What energy wishes to be expressed here?" Choose flower colors that soothe you, enlighten you, or create rapture within your soul. What life passage moment stands out to you in your life story? Enter the gates to angelic dimensions in a mystical garden of your own creation. Meditation can be a walk on fragrant pathways of herbs, or in a private outdoor sanctuary to sit and think. Use this book for ideas to empower your journey.

See My Book at Barnes and Nobles

After publishing "Gardens of the Sisterhood" new adjoining land connected to my studio become available with more charm and personality. Gardens of the Sisterhood is an ongoing work in progress.

I believe I am tuning into the original lay of the land before city boundaries divided it. With over 1000 tulips and Perennials, I garden by channeling the land for messages. I look forward to writing a new book on land energy reading.

My Promise to You        

It is my promise to you I will not watch your body language as I read, {an art that cops, psychiatrists and many spiritualists do to judge your reaction to questions}. I do not ask for private information and do not read further then 1 year ahead. I do not talk to ghosts. I give crossing over messages based on messages left by the one crossed over BEFORE they joined spirit. I will never convince you that your loved one will leave Heaven to talk to you in my living room. {They are happy where they are at!} This is why my psychic studio is called "Marie's Safe Haven"

Tarot : Link Between Conscious and Subconscious * Tools or No Tools?        

Tarot, like a hammer in the hands of a carpenter, builds on to the Intuitive "Frame" adding rich detail to your Psychic Reading. An experienced Master Tarot Consultant goes in to a deep meditation as they answer your question. The rhythm of the cards as they are being shuffled, the smell of the ink and the feel of the cards molded to the inner hands adds to what I call "the Angel Frequency". This is not the same as a Tarot "flash card" reading, but a true Psychic "channeling."

IN DEFENSE OF TAROT: There are those who believe Psychics who use Tarot are not Authentic Readers. My answer to this is "All that matters is Accuracy." Take two readers, one who does not use tools, and one that uses Tarot. Compare the amount of detail and accuracy of your two readings. WRITE THE DETAILS OF YOUR TWO READINGS DOWN. WAIT TWO MONTHS. Which Reader gave you the most accurate account of what has happened?
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