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Pattie Freeman CH.t, MST

Pattie Freeman


7135 E Camelback rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
United States

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Pattie is a Hypnotherapist, Mental Sports Trainer and Life Coach. She had designed the Hypnosis Lap Band for clients wanting a Lapband experience with losing weight wothout the surgery. She also works Addictions, Anxiety, Depression, Smokers, Sports Enhancement, Prosperity, Past Life and Age Regression and many more topics.

Profile and Credentials        

Pattie Freeman is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Specializes in Sports Mental Training as a Sports Hypnotist. Certified and trained in NLP and is a member of the National Guild Of Hypnotist, Arizona Professional Hypnotist Association, NESTA. She has helped many Professional athletes prepare in enhancing their sports careers and Accelerate Sports Healing. She has been the Hypnotherapist to the stars with offices based in Beverly Hills, Ca and Scottsdale, AZ. She has worked with many famous actors, actresses, daytime soap stars and film writers, and producers and directors of major TV shows. Pattie has helped actors, producers and directors on and off the set with stress management. She has also supported cancer patients with pain management and assisted family members in reducing the associated stress.

Pattie Freeman has studied as a student of psychology Her therapeutic approach, compelling communication style, and by her successful athlete's performances. Combining modalities of hypnotherapy, Parts therapy, neuro-linguistics programming (N.L.P.), whole brain learning, and success Enhancement in Performance and Injury conditioning and Personal Achievement.

Pattie has been seen on FOX Sports "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" with Rob Dibble and John Salley. She has been on various TV and Radio talk shows. She is the Host of her own Show "Mind Over Matter" Pattie has help thousands of clients enhance their sports career with her visualization techniques.

Her clients range from High School ~Collegiate and Professional Athletes. The sports enhancement sessions are to improve focus and concentration for their sport. They can improve in their practice, warm ups and the game.

Some of Pattie's successful Clients include athletes from NLB, NFL, NHL, NBA. She can travel to the facility or do session in office to assist in their practice so she can observe and help them achieve their goals concerning their sport. One of the benefits is that she is available to attend a game or practice to assist in you the client for getting in the zone.

Whether its, Cheer leading Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Arena Football or Olympic type of sports figure skating, weight lifting, track the list is endless...Sports is competitive and it's all mental.

Philosophy and Comments        

Change Your Life and Achieve Your Goals...

Did you know Hypnosis is for Everyone and even you can be Hypnotized.

Do you want to see changes in your life and be happy?
Do want abundance and prosperity?
Just imagine quitting smoking effortlessly and with no side effects?
Do you want to lose those unwanted pounds and feel great?
Do you want to have Confidence and achieve success ?
Do you want to enhance your sports career and get in the zone?
Do you want to Be Addiction free from drugs and alcohol?
Did you know the number one outcome is to improve your lifestyle, enhance your sport or recover from a injury quickly. It can also help in law of attraction and bring you prosperity and success with positive thinking.

These programs are designed for individuals or group seminars

The Hypnosis programs offered at my Scottsdale Az. and Beverly Hills Ca .locations are customized to the individual needs for whether it's sports performance or injuries, smoking cessation, weight loss, pain, oncology, regression, fears, phobias, prosperity success, depression or addiction.

Prescription Drugs is a growing addiction that is spreading worldwide and Hypnosis is so effective even after Rehab for maintenance without withdrawals

Gambling Addictions are all around us and needs to be addressed since the casinos are growing more each day. If you have a member of your family having a problem beating the gambling addiction or any addiction feel free to contact Pattie and find out more information about how Hypnosis can help you or the one you love let go of the addiction habit.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Appointments are schedule for those waniting evenings and weekends. Also Phone Hypnosis is available for clients that are long distance and need Hypnosis Sessions.



Hypnosis LapBand Without Surgery        

By: Shannon Richards

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Forget gastric bypass surgery, because the new key to losing weight could be as easy as spending a few hours a week in an artificially induced trance resembling sleep… Better known as hypnosis. “It doesn’t hurt. It’s me - he’s going to be talking to me on the inside,” said Sondra Lambert, a hypnotic lapband patient.Certified hypnotherapists are using the power of suggestion. The minds of patients are able to convince their bodies that they’ve experienced the lapband surgery.

The result has people eating less and dropping pounds without the scarring or the large medical bills.“The idea that hypnosis can convince people to eat less is very intriguing,” said Pattie Freeman, a certified hypnotherapist in Scottsdale. Take Debrah Herber for instance. She’s down 58 pounds since starting the hypnosis. “It doesn’t feel like a temporary measure this time. It feels more like a lifestyle change, like something I can live with and I can continue,” said Herber.

However, doctors who perform the surgery aren’t convinced yet. Dr. Peter Liao said he wants overweight people to have options, but he also wants to see more clinical data. “We need to see how well does it work in the long run so patients really understand when they make these choices - yes, this is zero risk, but what is the benefit?” asked Liao.

To that, Freeman responded, “You don’t have to believe in hypnosis. You just have to believe in yourself.” If you have less to lose, maybe just 15 pounds, Freeman has a plan for you too. It’s a series of three sessions that have been scaled down, and comes in at $400.


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