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Elena Lumen, MA

Elena Lumen


Mountain View, CA 94043
United States
T: 831 297 0567


Intuitive astrology readings, astrological forecast & predictions, spiritual approach, astrological chart comparison and compatibility between two people, relocations, horary astrology (examples of horary questions: "Should I hire this person?", "Will my financial situation improve", etc. ), I-Ching, elective astrology (i.e. selecting a best date for weddings, operations, etc.). Using astrology as an empowering and spiritual tool to promote growth and healing.

Profile and Credentials        

Elena Lumen started her practice as an astrologer several years ago. She had studied astrology with different accomplished teachers and on her own for over ten years. Elena is currently a Ph.D. student in transpersonal psychology. This ties up her deep interests in spiritual and personal growth, and expressive arts. She uses Astrology as a practical and spiritual tool in helping people. Elena has been teaching astrology classes in Santa Cruz, CA for the past few years. She speaks fluent Russian and is available for consultations in both languages.

Elena also offers psychological counseling and is currently finishing her education as a psychologist.

Philosophy and Comments        

My deep interest in astrology as a tool of awareness and transformation has led me to seek ways of merging astrology and therapy. I look at the chart as a synopsis of one's karma and personality traits at the time one is born. The chart is evolving with the passing years, as we are evolving through our lives. We always have free will, so we are not predetermined 100%, although extremely strong habits and tendencies shape our choices. Stars do not "make" us be what we are, they just reflect what we are. It is up to us what we want to become!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Consultations by appointment. $130 per consultation (1 hour), or $45 per horary question/or a mini-reading. Mini-reading is an answer to a specific question. Electional chart (choosing the best date/time to start an activity) - $60. Readings are usually done over the phone, they can be taped and mailed to you. Many clients send me questions via e-mail. This could be a great way to explore and use Astrology. Any practical question requiring a specific answer can be answered via e-mail. Mini-readings on important life questions (relationships, carrier, moving) can be addressed that way, too.

Elena is also available for counseling sessions on the issues that require psychological support such as stress, loss, trauma, search for meaning and others.





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