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BCT's Brain Vitality

Debbie Bryan


930 W Main St. Jenks, OK 74037
Broken Arrow, OK 74014
United States
T: 1-877-901-4335


BCT, Inc. introduces Brain Vitality to provide a variety of services and techniques to assist you in enhancing your cognition, attention, focus, and memory. We practice and teach Mindfulness Meditation as a life tool.

BCT's Brain Vitality was developed to fill the growing need for specially trained professionals to assist those with age related memory and cognitive issues, those with attention disorders such as ADD and ADHD, and those who just want a better life through Coaching and Mindfulness Meditation.

We offer on-line and telephone coaching services for those with a desire to improve their lives by tapping into ther abilities and brain power. We offer coaching for those 16 and up and specialize in ADD and ADHD coaching.

In addition we offer Mindfulness Meditation Classes both in the Tulsa, OK area and onboard wonderful cruises.

We have two cruises coming up where anyone, any age can learn to utilize Mindfulness Meditation in a relaxed, fun way while we visit exciting ports of call. No special skills are needed and all physical abilities can learn to meditate. However, if you are a mental health professional who needs CEUs, we can provide CEUs for the classes and cruises.

918-734-4335 locally or 877-901-4335 toll free.

Profile and Credentials        

Debra Bryan, director of BCT's Brain Vitality is a licensed professional counselor, clinical hypnotherapist, mindfulness meditation teacher and ADD/ADHD coach. She has been providing interactive, interesting, educational trainings for over 20 years.

Philosophy and Comments        

Our philosophy is to offer the best training and cruise venues possible at the best rates possible. Where else can your get a wonderful, relaxing cruise to exciting places and learn Mindfulness Meditation at the same time? Anyone can cruise with us so bring friends, family, and anyone you like. Our cruise training is on $99 plus the reasonable cost of the cruise.

We also teach Mindfulness Meditation locally in the Tulsa, OK area, both in our offices and at your location.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please call from 9 AM to 9 PM (CST) 7 days a week to book your training or learn more about Mindfulness Meditation.

Cruise prices are the lowest group rates you can find anywhere and our trainings are $99. We are always open at www.BrainVitality.org





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