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Leiah Bowden


252 Bradley Boulevard
Schenectady, New York 12304
United States
T: 518-374-4388

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Leiah Bowden’s pastel on paper Energy Portraits are brilliant mirrors of the radiant spirit, activate awareness of your soul's authentic impulse and energy patterns, and include audio tape of channeled and inspired chanting and guidance. Use them as tools for healing, as reminders of the promise your life holds, and as affirmations of your glorious, multi-dimensional nature which can help you magnify and specify your belief in yourself.

Leiah's classes teach artists and non-artists alike how to capture the essence of a soul in pastels on paper. She teaches :Painting the Soul: the Healing and Revealing Art of Energy Portraiture" in a variety of venues across America.

Profile and Credentials        

Leiah Bowden is a lifelong artist and meditator. She began receiving articulate messages from Elohim and angelic realms in 1973, and has developed abilities to receive information from both material and non-material beings. Her healing art work encompasses painting, specifically Energy Portraits; channelled and inspired writings; guided imagery for groups and individuals; instruction in the creation of Energy Portraits and other artwork; animal communication; and hands-on energy work in which she helps the subject release no longer useful energy that has been held in the body and receive positive, useful energy specifically received for the part of the body and the specific dis-ease in question.

Leiah's Energy Portraits and classes in Energy Portraiture have helped many people experience the love and promise in their own lives and creativity.

About her classes, people have said:

"What a healing journey!!!! I would want you to know that all of your group interactions that lead up to our afternoon session were so nourishing & allowed all of us to connect, laugh, support, & BE THERE for one another.

I felt totally safe & so I must admit now that there were moments of trepidation deep inside. With your divine presence you allowed me to lean into that grief. Gratitudes dear healer/artist/teacher. Your healing, open heart provided the freedom for my heart to sing so yet another door might open & it did."

Pam LeBlanc

"First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think that the love you projected was the most important part of the workshop – along with the frequent reminders that we are all ONE!

"What the workshop also did for me was remind me of my creativity and greatness. This is something that I’ve been working on recently (in my own life) so the opening up to greatness to personal power – is at the center of my thoughts right now.

"Thank you so much for offering this class and sharing yourself with us!"

Lynne Tillotson, retired teacher, vocational specialist, Reiki master

About her Energy Portraits, people have said:

Thanks so much for your deep insights into all the levels of my being--and the awesome reflection of those in a vivid, colorful, graphic form that

speaks so eloquently to many areas of my awareness, prompting growth both in conscious areas, and those that are beyond the reach of my conscious mind.

Dawson Church, "The Heart of Healing" "Communing With the Spirit of Your Unborn Child" and other books

"Having my portrait done by Leiah Bowden was a calming and profound experience in itself. She is a master at paying attention, moving into the inner realms, and recording all the fire and light that our limited vision keeps us from. Leiah is a true visionary, in every sense of the word. On the last night of the conference, when all her portraits were hung in the front of the auditorium, a psychic soul sister came up to me and said, "I know which one is you," and she pointed right at my portrait.." –

Jan Phillips, Creativity Mentor,

award–winning writer, "Marry Your Muse," "God is at Eye Level"

Philosophy and Comments        

We are divine beings in animal bodies, and somehow we have let our animal bodies - wonderful beings that they are! - dominate our field of vision and self-concept. These Energy Portraits help us see that we are dynamic, multi-dimensional beings. Perhaps an expanded vision of our divine nature may help us enact a cellular revolution of wellness and optimism.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Schedule is open.

Long-distance or in-studio work is possible.

12" X 18" $125

19" X 25" $300

groups of three or more: $600

framing optional





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