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Reiki with Alison Williams

Alison Williams, RN


Kentfield, CA 94904
United States
T: 415-785-3188


Reiki is an ancient, gentle healing art which supports the body's innate ability to heal itself spiritually, emotionally and physically. Clients relax fully clothed on a massage table. Reiki hand positions are used to channel Universal energy, or chi, into the whole body. The natural wisdom of Reiki directs the healing energy to where it is needed. Clients leave a session feeling peaceful, balanced and reconnected to life.My experience includes: asthma, migraines,anxiety and depression,chronic and acute pain and stress.

Profile and Credentials        

I received my nursing education at the Royal Victoria Hospital, associated with McGill University, in Montreal, Canada. I have studied, practiced and experienced alternative health for 20 years and have practiced Reiki since 1988.

I offer a unique blend of intuition and experience in my work.

I have given seminars in communities and corporations and have appeared on radio and television.

I have also studied and traveled to India with Mark Griffin,

a Meditation Master.

Philosophy and Comments        

During these challenging times, we search for peace and balance in our lives.

Health challenges are windows into the soul: opportunities for growth, creativity and transformation.

I am inspired by the mystery of the world beyond the conscious mind: the ocean of infinite, universal truth.

In the depths of this silent place one connects to the Self and all that exists. In the wisdom and light of this silence we can find the answers to all of life's challenges.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

house calls and meditation/healing circles available in San Francisco and Marin County

wellness counseling        

together we create the tools to support you in your journey towards wellness and optimum health.




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