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Carla Van Walsum Ph D c LSHC



22661 Bella Rita Circle
Boca Raton, FL 33433
United States
T: 561 860-4883


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Carla Van Walsum/Transpersonal-Counseling LLC


Transpersonal Counseling LLC, a Holistic Practice for bridging Psychotherapy and Metaphysics~~Systemic Family Constellations

* Uncover * Heal * Empower * Thrive *

~ Couples ~ Children ~ Families ~

Carla Van Walsum PhD LSHC has created a thriving holistic psychotherapy practice in Boca, South Florida, helping clients make quantum progress through her unique combination of psychological, spiritual and metaphysical approaches. European, American and Eastern philosophies are the sources of inspiration.

Carla's approach is based on compassion, knowledge, intuition, empowerment, respect, is non-judgmental and free of labeling.

These clinically-validated techniques and powerful alternative approaches, that are applied in a timely and sensitive manner, heal acute and life-long patterns of emotional pain, struggling relationships, family-burden, stress, loss of loved-one or feeling without purpose in life.

Systemic Family Constellations ( no, not about stars)

Carla will help you understand and resolve your most difficult problems in an entirely new way. She uses Family Constellations: a deeply profound and moving method that reveals hidden truths, expands understanding, heals and restores peace of mind.


*Divorce, custody and loyalty conflicts
*Family Relationships issues
*Sibling estrangements
*Teens needs
*Burdened Children (ADHD, Self-injury)
*Addiction, Eating Disorders
*Chronic loneliness
*Problems with money

*Transforming Fear, Anxiety, Depression
*Releasing Pain, Anger and Grief
*Creating Meaningful Work
*Life - Transitions
*Crystal Clear Communication tools
*Enjoying Life after Divorce or Adoption
*Finding purpose in Life

Carla is known and extremely appreciated by her clients for her intuitive and knowledgable way of getting fast 'to the heart of the matter', thereby producing rapid results.


A single session may be enough to make the major breakthrough


Family Constellation Workshops:

With astonishing specificity individuals discover the root causes to their individual problems (or their family members who do not need to be present) and how these nest within the field shaped by ancestral family trauma¡¯s that are often frozen, opening up the problems into new solutions. During a constellation unexpected patterns are released, opening up the minds with reverence for life, creating compassion for others.

In a moment of insight, a new life course can be set in motion. The results are often immediate and life-changing.

Group and private sessions

Profile and Credentials        

Carla was born and educated in the Netherlands. She began her career as a concert flutist (graduated Rotterdams Conservatory 1974-1980), was first flutist of the Rotterdams Opera Orchestra, had an intensive concert life performing throughout Europe and Israel, participating in numerous radio and TV productions.

Although music enlightens people, Carla's desire to contribute to others’ wellness and happiness led her to studies in Psychology (Open University Heerlen 1986- 2001) and Integrative Psychotherapy, (Seth Academy den Haag) in Holland.
In the US Carla received a PhD in Transpersonal Counseling (University of Metaphysical Sciences, CA 2010)

Additional training or certifications in:

*Systemic Family Constellations with bert hellinger, the Dutch hellinger Istitute and Seth academy for Integrative psychotherapy
*The Journey,
*Non-violent Communication,
*Attitudinal Healing,
*Neuro Emotionele Integration,
*The Work,
*Neuro Linguistic Programming (Master),
*Rational Emotive Therapy,
*Angel Forecast,
*Transformational Drawing.
*Graduate Melton school, Jewish Adult education

*Chapterleader Holistic Moms Palm Beach County
*Co-author Thank God I ...volume 3

**Carla Speaks 6 languages**

Philosophy and Comments        

¢¾ To help, guide and assist people in order to heal their pasts, hearts and minds,

¢¾ To release emotional and mental blocks,

¢¾ To gain insights and clarity which will create their desired future and the manifestation of life's purposes.

¢¾ Heal the family wounds and personal issues with the power of Family Constellations

¢¾ Have couples strengthen their bond, setting the stage for greater communication, commitment, joy and intimacy

¢¾ To teach effective communication, to teach people to learn how to be compassionate and empathic

¢¾ To heal the flow of and increase LOVE within families

¢¾ Holistic, spiritual & energetic principles are part of Carla¡¯s work in order to elevate awareness and consciousness. This will improve all relationships, success in all areas and will contribute to the creation of a more loving world.

¢¾ To empower clients with the awakening of their own true self.Enjoy you!

¢¾ To learn continuously with the purpose of bringing the best out of self and others, and to utilize all the beauty and knowledge that is available.

¢¾ To survive and thrive in a fearful world by becoming very prosperous in all area's

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Private session $ 97

3 sessions $ 247

5 sessions $ 397

By app. only


In a relatively short time, often within a few words, we cleanse the past, the negative experiences as bagage stored in our unconsciousness and cell-memory.
In doing so, we redefine our present and future.

By changing our thinking patterns and gaining insights and awareness, we can transform old patterns. We empower ourselves and open the door to a path of wholeness and wellness.
Thoughts, if combined with emotions, become reality. We are powerful creators. It is very important to be specific in knowing what we really desire in our lives and choose to attract! It is imperative to have a bigger picture; there are many universal laws at work.

"Carla's Couple-Counseling sessions are profound and cutting through the chaff, getting to the heart of the matter. She helped us to focus on our love rather than our past relationship baggage, and now, years later, we are still happy together!"
M.P. Boynton Beach




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