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Carol St. James & Assoc

Carol Maurus


Coatesville, PA 19320
United States
T: 1.866.358.5009


Carol St. James & Assoc. is a psychic entertainment company specializing in personal intuitive consultations (by phone) and live psychic entertainment.

Profile and Credentials        

Carol St James is a gifted intuitive with an extensive background in the mystical arts including: Tarot, Playing cards, Numerology, Runes, Palmistry, Dream Interpretation, Handwriting Analysis, Pendulums, and Crystals.

Truly empathic, Carol has been giving psychic readings for a diversity of clients for over twenty years over nationally advertised psychic lines. She is able to assist clients in resolving personal and professional issues, making decisions, and determining future plans through personalized psychic readings. Carol consistently provides accurate and positive insights for her clients while encouraging them to fulfill their goals in a compassionate and understanding manner.

No stranger to the psychic entertainment industry, Carol St. James has performed at clubs, conventions, casinos, banquets, corporate events, colleges, and restaurants. She presents a mystifying and entertaining experience for guests of all ages and walks of life using a flair for drama, costumes, and props to enhance the effect and mood while providing amazingly accurate readings.

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Our Services        

We offer an array of exceptional psychic services via over-the phone consultations or at live corporate/private events.

Our Specialties Include:

+ The Tarot

+ Cartomancy (Reading Playing Cards)

+ Astrology

+ Numerology

+ Dream Interpretation

+ Runes

+ Gemstones

+ Palmistry

+ Handwriting Analysis

+ Rituals

Description of Services:

Tarot – The ancient art of divining the future using a deck of 78 cards known as the Tarot. The Tarot is helpful for uncovering general situations and events surrounding a person.

Playing Cards – Similar to the Tarot but addresses more day to day concerns and practical matters. This method is best used for answering specific questions.

Astrology - The astrologer can predict the future by interpreting the planetary positions according to your place and time of birth.

Numerology - Uses the numbers corresponding to your birthday and name. A numerologist can help you by predicting positive financial and romantic cycles and trends.

Dream Interpretation - Helps you uncover the hidden meaning of your dreams.

Runes - These symbolic stones are caste and used to predict your future. Runes are one of the oldest tools of divination.

Gemstones - Find out what gemstone to wear to increase your own psychic abilities, lose weight, attract romance and more.

Palmistry – Call for details.

Handwriting Analysis - Handwriting analysis is the scientific study and analysis of handwriting which can be used to interpret character and personality traits.

Rituals – Call for details.

Personal Consultations        

Expect something different. At Carol St. James & Assoc, we hand select our readers to ensure that every consultation is enlightening, encouraging, accurate and honest. Not only are our readers truly gifted, they are also incredibly compassionate and caring. At Carol St. James & Assoc, you are not just another client- you are family.

Intuitive Chat        

Intuitive Chat...

Sometimes we all just need someone to talk to. Whether we are venting or seeking an objective, non-biased third party opinion, chatting with a psychic can be extremely insightful. Our psychics tune into their natural intuitive ability during the course of your conversation to lend guidance and inspiration.

The cost for this service is $1.50 per minute (minimum 20 minutes). But be warned, you are going to wish you had booked more time!

Live Psychic Entertainment        

Whether you are throwing a small party or a corporate event, psychic entertainment is the most avant-garde form of celebrating. Guests of all ages will delight in having their fortunes told by a beautifully costumed, vivacious and gifted psychic.

Don’t be afraid to let us set the stage at your next gathering. Whether you are looking for a traditional gypsy fortune teller or are throwing a themed event that demands a modern Asian oracle or a spunky Goth psychic, Carol St. James & Assoc specializes in delivering customized psychic entertainment to make your next event extraordinary.

For more information please call.

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