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Carol Burbank



Accokeek, MD 20607
United States
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Carol Burbank, Ph.D.


Reiki and Storyweaving combine to support healing, deepen relaxation, and open creative focus. Reiki trainings, storyweaving journeys, workshops, coaching.

Profile and Credentials        

Certificates: Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Dreamweaving, Archetype Integration Coach (Corporate and Individual Levels)
Education: Ph.D. Performance Studies, Northwestern University, MA Creative Writing, Boston University, BA Comparative Literature/Comparative Cultures Brown University
Relevent Experience: Mentoring, Group Facilitation, Workshop Development, Public Speaking, Problem-Based Learning for Personal Development, Empowerment and Activation for Individuals and Groups, Leadership Training, Writing for Professional and Personal Development. Poet, Playwright, Director, Essayist.

Philosophy and Comments        

Storyweaving is a relaxing, playful process that improves emotional, physical, and intellectual stamina while supporting clients in finding new joy and purpose in their lives. I developed this practical combination of mentoring, energy work and storytelling based on her research linking our personal narratives about our lives to the quality of life we experience as a result. When I became a Reiki Master, she found that Reiki's deep relaxation and energy balancing grounded the learning process, shortening the time needed to work through creative blocks and major life transitions, and increasing the depth of healing as people claimed their power.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Both Storyweaving and Reiki sessions are available on request. Storyweaving sessions usually take an hour and a half; Reiki lasts about an hour. For an additional fee, I am happy to travel to clients. Generally, clients opt to come to my home in the peaceful woods, only 25 minutes from DC, or to meet me at my office. My hours are flexible, but generally I see clients between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Workshops and talks are scheduled at the convenience of the client or organization.


"I can say with certainty that my two story-weaving sessions with Carol Burbank helped me to change my life. I was approaching a time of transition: 2 teenagers had just left home, I had finished a Master's Degree, I was coming to terms with the possibility of having to move to find a better job. I was out of questions. I had no dreams. After she described her work, I knew a session with her was what I needed. I specifically liked hearing about how the work affected each person differently because I knew the session would be geared to my needs and not just be a one-size-fits-all process. For the next couple of days, my vision was very clear on many things in my life: job, preparing to move, the relationship with my children, my art. It became clear also as to which paths not to follow. I found new dreams. I rediscovered things I cared about, but had confused with obligation and responsibility. I found magic again. Through it I have been able to connect with my soul, my unconscious, my true dreams. I have a future again. I began to make lists, do research and contact people. Now, almost two months later, I have quit my part-time job, sold my house, moved north to a city and state I love and found a teaching job which pays twice what I was making before. As an artist I am excited to see my work changing in rewarding ways. This is just the beginning. Now that the first transition has been made, I can think back to my storyweaving and know that those discoveries will guide me for a long time." Cynthia Herron, Oregon


"Before my session, I felt stressed, but after it was over, my stress was gone. I enjoyed the conversation and the connection." CF,Washington, DC


"Carol is a caring, intuitive guide who will lovingly faciliate your journey inward. My experience was that each session helped me to access deeper levels of my own internal wisdom and guidance. As a result of working with Carol, a lot of my stuck energy was freed up, allowing me to make significant progress on a major writing project that had been gathering dust for months." LH, Washington, DC

Birds of Change        

My business, Birds of Change, serves people facing personal challenges that affect their health, daily life, and businesses. I work with individuals and organizations to connect people to their source of inspiration, energy, and passion so they have all the tools they need to achieve their goals and dreams. For more information about my work with corporations, arts organizations, women's groups, spiritual groups, and civic clubs, please see my website: www.birdsofchange.org.

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