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College of Esoteric Education

Lyn Asmar


7 Crestgarden Street, MacGregor
Brisbane, QLD 4109
T: (07) 3219 2086
F: (07) 3219 2087

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The universe is living testimony to a mighty Presence of enormous Intelligence that permeates all it has created. In It we live and move and have our being. This theme has echoed down the ages, giving hope when all appeared lost. Sometimes corrupted, sometimes lost to sight, nevertheless this theme endures to this very day. Pulsating within each of us is a spark of this divine energy - this same energy that created the universe. Unlock your true potential by participating in the "Pathways to Self Mastery" dynamic channelled Meditation Program.

Pathways to Self Mastery, a division of the Sirian Mystery School is a required teaching of the Lost Wisdom. Channelled through by the Sirian Command to assist humanity's next evolutionary step, it culminates in the merging of the personality with Higher Self.

Lyn, a Reiki and Seichim/SKHM Master Teacher has been channelling and instructing this profound meditation for approximately thirty years.

Other modalities include Relaxation Therapy, Energy Therapy, Spiritual Surgery and Vibrational Kinesiology.

Other esoteric studies include, Practical Merkabah, Esoteric Tarot and Practical Kabbalistic Pathworking.

Due to the nature of the channels being activated between the personality and the Higher Self and beyond, all tuition at the present time is by private appointment only.

Profile and Credentials        

Lyn has been teaching the profound channelled material of the Sirian Command for approximately 30 years. The channelled meditation is passed by the attunement process and can only be taught privately. Lyn is also a Reiki Master Teacher, a Seichim/SKHM Master Teacher, a Spritual Relationship Therapist, a Vibrational Kinesiologist, a teacher of Spiritual Surgery, and a priest in the Order of Melchizedek.

Philosophy and Comments        

The philosophy of the School is to teach an understanding of universal energies and principles and their application to improvement of the quality of life both for the individual and the community.

In furtherance of (1), to encourage a self-generative inquiry into all aspects of life according to individual needs and interests, to foster the development of innate abilities and the extension of such abilities in avenues of service contributory to the welfare of the society.

To teach the practice of meditation through an ordered and supervised program; to demonstrate meditation as a natural function of energy related to people’s spiritual needs and to the enhancement of their general well-being and equilibrium.

To teach the practice of Reiki/SKHM and other methods of spiritual healing in a proper course format according to the requirements of the teaching function of the Sirian Mystery School.

To establish the formation of small study groups in the capacity from beginners to advanced. An understanding of universal and energy principles will be taught in the groups to bring spiritual principles into alignment with daily living. This will embrace both Biblical and spiritual teachings.

To establish a program of training for such people who wish to enter into the School's activities as teachers.

To promote in the community, recognition of the Sirian Mystery School as an educational spiritual body that is non-sectarian, dedicated to the pursuit of the understanding of existence, to assisting the needy, irrespective of race or creed, and to the general upliftment of humanity.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Currently the School is open for student's activities on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Because of the diverse nature of the subjects being taught, fees are available on application.





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