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Harlingen Veterinary Clinic - Charles T. Schenck, DVM

Charles T. Schenck


10 Sunset Road
Belle Meade, NJ 08502
United States
T: 908-359-2000
F: 908-359-8994

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A complete veterinary clinic and hospital offering veterinary acupuncture for improving the vitality and movement of our pets in all age ranges. Dr. Charles T. Schenck is an IVAS certified veterinary acupuncturist with 30 years of clinical experience in:

  • Applied kinesiology

  • Electro-acupuncture

  • Gold bead placement

  • NAET: allergy elimination without injections

  • ESWT: extracorporeal shock wave therapy to decrease pain from orthopedic disorders and osteoarthritis using the first unit for small animals available in NJ.

    Dr. Schenck is also an independent business owner representing Cyberwise nutritional support products including:

  • Tunguska: The Russian Olympic secret for stress relief in people

  • Vital PSP+ for energy and support of the patient disease and cancer for people and pets.

    Product information may be found at healthywize.com.

    IVAS board certified since 1985.

  • Profile and Credentials        

    1958 veterinary graduate, Texas A & M

    Intern 1958-9 Angell Memorial Animal Hospital.

    Allopathic and alternative practice until 2000, then acupuncture and NAET only practice

    Philosophy and Comments        

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