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Nicole S. Urdang M.S., NCC, DHM

Nicole Urdang


650 Lafayette Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222
United States
T: 716-882-0848`

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For all life's transitions

Holistic Psychotherapist, seeing the whole you and working with all areas of your life: cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual. My style is caring and supportive, but still dynamic! Please call for details or to ask me any questions.

Profile and Credentials        

Nicole S. Urdang has a masters in counseling, is a national certified counselor, and earned a doctorate in homeopathic medicine from the British Institute of Homeopathy. Before going into private practice in 1980, she was the Alcoholism Program Coordinator at Yale-New Haven Hospital where she educated doctors and nurses about alcoholism and developed an employee assistance program for their 4,000 employees. Since then, Nicole has become an Associate Fellow and Supervisor at the Albert Ellis Institute in NYC, has studied sex therapy at the Kinsey Institute, and has been trained in clinical hypnosis.

Her broad-based practice focuses on individuals, couples, and teen-agers.

Nicole has been in practice so long that she feels comfortable working with all sorts of issues: depression, anxiety, grief/loss, anger, guilt, assertiveness, obsessive-compulsive disorder, women's issues, addictions, panic, life choices and changes, dream analysis, relationships, mid-life, and lack of self-acceptance.

Philosophy and Comments        

The older I get the more I see how many of us are not very kind to ourselves. Learning how to direct lovingkindness inward, along with becoming more self-accepting are two ways to find balance and peace.

I use a form of cognitive-behavior therapy developed by Dr. Albert Ellis. In addition, I have studied nutrition for 30 years, know about herbs, yoga, Bach Flower Remedies, and homeopathy.

I believe it is important for people to have some homework between their therapy sessions, so I may ask you to experiment and do something differently (whatever is appropriate for you), write in a journal, get some exercise, read a helpful book, change an aspect of your diet, pay attention to your dreams, or try some alternative remedy---whatever I think will help you make the changes you want to make. This is a collaborative effort. I view myself as your catalyst and support.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I generally see people Monday through Thursday, between 12:30-6:00PM. Fridays are reserved for emergencies.

My fee is $95 for a 50 minute session, but I have found that sometimes people want an open-ended meeting, so I am happy to do those, too.

I am also available for phone therapy.





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