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Create Your Dreams Shamanic Training & Healing

Chris Krohn


Raleigh, NC 27604
United States
T: 919-600-8531


Transform your life through the Shamanic Training/Medicine Wheel Program, and become a Certified Shamanic Practitioner, or through personal healing sessions.

If the story of your unfolding life is not what you desire, you can transform it and give birth to the story of your choosing. You become the conscious weaver of your life, reclaiming your personal power and achieving personal transformation!

Shamanic Training/Medicine Wheel Program
In this program you will learn the wisdom and the healing techniques of the shaman, so that you can bring this powerful healing to others while transforming your own life and stepping fully into your highest destiny.

You will learn to work at the many levels of the soul and the luminous energy field, to journey to the worlds of the past and the future, to guide souls who are preparing to transition, or who have transitioned, and to clear heavy energies from physical places.

This program takes you through the four directions of the Medicine Wheel - shedding the old stories of the past, stepping beyond fear, mastering your power of creation, and dreaming your world into being. Each direction is a four day class where you will learn and practice the shamanic teachings and techniques for that direction. Each class is followed by a four month period where you deepen and anchor your shift and practice your skills. I support you with coaching sessions during the months between classes. You will receive certification upon completion of the program. Many graduates of this program have started their own shamanic healing practices.

This is a profound and life-altering program that empowers you to master the creation of all that you desire. I offer a complementary consultation to help you determine if this program is a fit for you. More information about this program is also on my website, https://createyourdreams.com/shamanictraining/.

Personal Healing Sessions
In your personal session, the area where you are out of alignment with your desires is traced back to the original event that caused the unwanted pattern in your life. This unwanted pattern is cleared from your energy field and from your subconscious. Your will receive a Soul Retrieval, where this pattern is traced to its origin in your soul’s karmic history and cleared.

Every event in our lives, especially the painful ones, carries a lesson for us. You will learn what this lesson is and embody it, allowing it to raise your energetic vibration. With the energetic imprint and limiting belief cleared, and the lesson gained, your world will shift to reflect the higher vibration you are holding. This will allow you to attract what you desire with ease.

You may also wish to receive a Destiny Retrieval, which will reveal your highest destiny that your soul chose for this lifetime, as well as your gifts, your healed state, and what needs to be cleared so that you can live your highest destiny.

Profile and Credentials        

As a Shaman, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, Chris helps people clear the old stories and unwanted patterns that have been keeping them from living the life of their dreams. She serves clients through personal sessions and teaches shamanic healing to students across the country.

After many years in corporate leadership roles, developing people and organizations to achieve excellence, Chris felt that there was a need to serve people on a deeper level. After a spontaneous awakening in 1995 that allowed her to see the human energy field and the soul’s journey, she realized that her path was to serve people in clearing all that held them back from fulfilling their highest potential - living with purpose, vitality, joy, prosperity and love. Working at the level of the subconscious, the energy body and the soul, she uncovers and releases the old patterns and beliefs that have been preventing her clients and students from having complete control over their lives and creating what they desire.

Chris studied with Dr. Alberto Villoldo and Jose Luis Herrera and was initiated by the Q’ero shamans of the Peruvian Andes. She is a graduate of The Four Winds Society’s Healing the Light Body program, and has completed Masters training. She is certified in the Munay-Ki, and gives these energetic rites to her students. She is also a Reiki Master and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through the HCH Institute. Her passion is to facilitate and witness the amazing transformations in the lives of those she serves.

Chris has helped many hundreds of people remove the patterns of the past so that they could create their dreams with ease.  She has been training Shamanic Practitioners and serving clients since 2005.

Philosophy and Comments        

When we experience painful events or trauma, an “imprint” is formed in our energy field which, if not cleared, adversely affects our emotional, mental and physical well-being. We experience self-defeating thoughts and feelings, which continue to re-create painful experiences and limitations in our lives. The effects of these imprints move into the subconscious mind, making them unavailable for us to clear through willpower or traditional therapy. We develop our mental maps of life, our perceptions of ourselves and our world, from these limiting beliefs in our subconscious mind. These mental maps become our stories of “I am not good enough”, “I am not deserving of success”, “That illness runs in my family”, “Only certain people are destined for success”, “If I love, I will be betrayed”, and so on. In short, these beliefs run our lives. Our karmic history also contains painful events, which can create “soul contracts” that follow our soul through time, causing unwanted patterns.

When our subconscious beliefs and soul contracts contradict what we desire in life, we cannot move forward. We feel stuck, powerless and frustrated.

Shamanic healing traces the unwanted pattern back to its origin in your soul's history and clears the soul contract that first created the pattern. With this contract cleared, you are free to create a new story for your life, a story of your choosing. Shamanic healing also clears the unwanted pattern from your energy field and chakras, freeing you from the heavy emotions associated with the unwanted pattern and raising your vibration.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

For the Shamanic Training/Medicine Wheel Program, visit https://createyourdreams.com/shamanictraining/ for dates and locations.

Healing sessions are available in-person or remotely. We will schedule a time that is convenient for you.

Visit https://createyourdreams.com/ for more information and for fees.





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