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Christophe Keil

Christophe Keil


22 Ravenscroft Drive
Asheville, NC 28801
United States
T: 828 768 8023

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The best way I can describe my work is by comparing myself to a French chef. France is actually my native country.

For my healing sessions, I use a combination of different techniques including Massage, CranioSacral work and Chakras Balancing. The end result, like fine cuisine, is powerful, magical and wonderful.

Profile and Credentials        

Upledger Institute. CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage,

Somato Emotional Release.

Educating Hands School of Massage, Miami, FL

Wellness Skills, Dallas, TX

Reconnective Healing. Dr. Eric Pearl

Philosophy and Comments        

Christophe Keil has practiced and taught natural healing, massage and energy work for more than a decade. He trained under the tutelage of several medicine people and is recognized as a gifted healer. He has been initiated to be a water pourer which allows him to conduct sweat lodges in the tradition of Native Americans. Christophe is also the founder of the spiral Dancer ceremony.The Spiral Dancer Journey is a ceremony of healing and self discovery. It is a group meditation which combines sound, music, ceremonial drumming, healing and Chakra balancing.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

To schedule an individual appointment, distant healing or to organize a group ceremony or workshop, contact Christophe Keil at 828-768-8023

Spiral Dancer Workshop        

What is the Spiral Dancer Journey?

The Spiral Dancer Journey is a ceremony of healng and self discovery. It is a group meditation which combines sound, music, shamanic work, healing and Chakra balancing.

The spiral Dancer Journey is a journey that allows you to:

  • let your sacred heart become your only guide, the alter of God.

  • open the door for your personal transformation

  • become who yo are -- a being of light.

  • honor yourself and the whole creation of the great mystery.

A one day ceremony schedule from 10 Am to 4 Pm.

Admission $100.

Variations of the workshop can be developed on your needs. Please contact me to discuss requirement.

To ensure an effective group process, class size is limited.

Virtual Lodge        

A revolutionary ceremony who combines ancient tradition and a new approach to share sacred wisdom from the sweat lodge tradition.

The participants will have the opportunity to experience and understand the importance of purification and transformation in every day life.

The virtual lodge is a very unique ceremony that will allow people to participate to a sacred ritual not always easily accessible to all for various reasons.

The virtual lodge incorporate the teaching of the 4 directions and how to apply them in every day life. the use of music and power point presentation will help to support and nourish the desire for personal reevaluation and transformation.

It is a modern shamanic journey. The ceremony is an equal opportunity to awaken the divine within regardless of ethnic or religious background.The virtual lodge is suitable from small group to large audience.


"Dare to experience the sensation of opening up to a new world.
Sina H.

"Awakening experience. An exploration of all our bodies."
Miriam F.

"A tremendously spiritual experience. I felt a true re-acquaintance with my soul and
reenergizing of my purpose."
Ruth J.

"Exuberant experience."
Karen W.

"Pamper your soul."
Shannon S.

Book by Christophe Keil        

Ordinary People In Extraordinary Times.

Inside wisdom. Illustration by Manu my 6 years son.

Coming soon:

Two Children inspirational books.

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