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Nutrition Therapy

Judy Michno


159 E. 3rd Ave.
Escondido, CA 92025
United States
T: 760-781-1383

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I provide:

1. Colon hydrotherapy,

2. Cleansing programs,

3. Nutritional counseling,

4. Ear candling,

5. Electro-lymphatic therapy.

For 17 years I've been helping clients by means of these services with loving care. People have experienced many health improvements and great cleansing. I take a lot of time to personally treat each client.

Most people who have eaten red meat, dairy products & refined food made with white flour, are carrying 5 to 15 lbs. of fecal matter stuck to the wall of their colon. Colon therapy really helps to clean all that built-up matter out of the colon.

During the first colonic, I give people a complete nutritional consultation, so you get 2 treatments for the price of one.

Electro-lymphatic therapy is actually a wonderful preliminary treatment to colonics. It cleanses toxins out of the lymph system, by applying a massager which is powered by a neon-photon beam generator. This massager covers all the lymph nodes & pathways of the body.

Ear candling helps clear the ears of wax & debris, usually helping the client feel much better in their ears & sinuses.

Please call for an appointment.

Judy Michno


Profile and Credentials        

I have been certified by the International Assn. of Colon Therapists for many years. I am now certified at the advanced level.

Besides having my own business in Escondido, I have been working as a colon therapist at an alternative health center in Encinitas with some of the leading doctors in alternative therapy for about 10 years.

Having studied nutrition for 18 years, I have been able to offer practical consultations for real health problems.

I was also trained to do electro-lymphatic therapy and ear coning about 16 years ago.

Philosophy and Comments        

Many people don't understand what is causing their health problems. After reviewing someone's health form, & talking with them for a few minutes, I can often see what is causing their problem.

I believe in helping people be healthier, through knowledge, cleansing, exercise, and good diet. If the client implements my recommendations, they can experience wonderful improvement.

I value each person that comes to me, & do everything I can to enable them to reach their goals.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

10:00 A.M. to 6 P.M. Monday through Saturday. Other hours if needed.

Fees: $70.00 for 1 colonic

$325.00 for 5 colonics

$600.00 for 10 colonics

$70.00 for 1 electro-lymphatic therapy session

$325.00 for 5 electro-lymphatic sessions

$50.00 for ear coning

Colon hydrotherapy or colonics        

Colon hydrotherapy consists of filling the colon slowly with water, soaking, and massaging the colon, and then releasing the water.

Each person gets his or her own set of disposable tubing for each colonic. The tubing is connected to the colonic machine. I have a Toxygen machine, which is FDA-inspected and approved. The water is sanitized with ultra-violet light & double filters. The machine is temperature and pressure controlled, and includes a view-tube in which the client can see everything that comes out.

I do lots of hand-massage on the colon, in addition to using an electric massager, both of which help in achieving results and make the treatment much more enjoyable.

The client wears a hospital gown during the treatment, so that his/her dignity is always respected.

After the treatment, most people usually feel a lot better. Occasionally, someone may have some kind of minor symptoms briefly, such as tiredness or achiness. However, after a short time, it usually clears up.

My clients have reported that the colonics helped them with problems of constipation, gas, swelling, and many others.

Have you ever gone through a period of life when you were eating red meat, dairy products, and refined food, such as white noodles, white rice, English muffins, white rice, desserts, pizza, etc.? Unfortunately, these foods have no fiber, and stick to the walls of the colon. As a result, most people have between 5 to 15 pounds of fecal matter built up on their colon wall. That food is rotting inside the body, and the blood stream circulates the poisons throughout the body, thus causing sicknesses and skin problems.

In following my cleansing program, you can eliminate all this built-up matter, and reap the benefits.

Nutritional Counseling        

One of the reasons my clients have had such great success is that I give the a nutritional consultation during the first colonic.

Of course, if you prefer, you can schedule a separate nutritional consultation for a more complete and individualized program.

Having studied nutrition and learned from some of the best alternative doctors and nutritionists in our country, I am frequently able to spot the cause of my client's problems quickly.

When people put my recommendations into practice, they usually get wonderful results.

Electro-lymphatic Therapy        

This treatment is a method of cleansing the lymph glands through the use of a small machine which is essentially a neon-photon beam generator. It penetrates the spaces between the cells, and cleanses the lymph, which is the substance through which the nutrients enter the cell, and the toxins are removed.

Since the lymph system is the secondary immune system of our bodies, it is essential to keep it clean & flowing freely.

During the treatment, I use the massager with the beam over all the lymph nodes & pathways of the body. I give special attention to any problem area of the body.

Ear coning        

Ear coning is a method of cleansing the ears, which is non-invasive, and non-toxic.

I have excellent ear cones, which are made of beeswax and cotton, with added herbs of tea tree, mugwort, oregano, lavender, sage, peppermint, clove, and eucalyptus.

It is a very relaxing treatment, since you just lie down on a massage table, and relax for an hour.

And you get the added benefit of a nutritional consultation during the session, if you like.

Ear coning has helped many of my clients with problems, such as itching or ringing of the ears, sinus congestion, imbalance or dizziness, blockages, or water in the ears.

Sometimes it takes more than 1 session to get complete relief from your symptoms, but frequently people are helped in just 1 session.

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