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Aaron Abernathy



50 mts west of Frank's Place
Mal Pais, Cobano, 88888
Costa Rica


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Corduroy to the Horizon


Corduroy to the Horizon is the first surf shop, surf school, and board shapers in Mal Pais / Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. We have surf clothing and accessories, quality ding repair, custom epoxy surf boards, surf lessons, and the best selection of rentals and demos.

Profile and Credentials        

Corduroy has been open since 1994, immediately before the main beach access to Playa Carmen, between Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. Andy and Aaron have been shaping boards since this time, and teamed up to make one incredible shop. With expertise in every aspect of the sport of surfing, we can guarantee results, quality, and a custom experience.

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

We are open year round, opening at 8 am and closing at 6 pm. Fees for lessons depend upon the season, with group discounts available. We also offer special deals for extended rentals of our surf boards.

Custom Built Epoxy Surf Boards        

Having two talented shapers with their own individual style, we have created two distinct surf board brands. Badlands MalPais Surboards and Mal Pais Surfboards Costa Rica, will create a custom fit board with a deal you can't beat, and a quality with the epoxy that will withstand light years more pounding than traditionally made surf boards. We are very proud of our techniques and style, and we guarantee you will be proud of your new custom surf board.

Surf Lessons        

We offer three stages of lessons, from the beginner, to intermediate, and advanced classes. The soft top boards come with the class for beginners, and your choice for the next stage of classes. Each of our instructors are certified Life Guards, and take extra special care with safety and teaching of where to, and not, to catch the waves. We guarantee results, and you Will stand up in your first lesson. The rest is up to practice, practice, and more practice. Welcome to the most consistent waves in Costa Rica.

Clothing and Accessories        

We offer a large variety of Brazilian bikinis, board shorts, wax, fins, leashes, sandals, pads, sunglasses, and more. We carry many of the top surfing brands available such as, Volcom, Arnette Sunglasses, and Many more.

Quality Ding Repair        

We are set up to fix both epoxy and traditional boards with the utmost quality. If you break, bend, ding, dent, whatever your need, we can correct the problem before it ever goes further.

We don't smoke the crack... we fix it.

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