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CrossRoads Training Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Dr. VR (Brick) Saunderson


Admin. Office: 1190 Lee Road
Parksville, BC Canada
T: 250-248-0316


The CrossRoads Training Institute is the international career training division of the CrossRoads Counselling Group and has been devoted to training in the complementary medical/behavioural health care field since 1999, in order to help people in their personal and professional development. All of the training is designed to expand the participants' awareness of themselves in their everyday personal as well as professional lives.

The CrossRoads Training Institute has always been innovative in the presentation of content to enhance the value of our programs. Now we are taking our highly recognized "onsite" training and offering it through this Online Virtual Classroom environment. Our on-line training in a virtual classroom is structured for those students who would not be satisfied with a typical "short term intensive program" but rather are career motivated to be professionally qualified Clinical Hypnotherapists. Because our courses are on-line in a virtual classroom they can be attended from anywhere in the world, at any time to meet the needs of our students. Our clinical program of study covers the works and methods of Milton Erickson, M.D., Dave Elman, E.A. Barnett. M.D., John Kappas, Ph.D., Michael Yapko, Ph.D., V.R. Saunderson, D.Min. and other innovators in the profession. All our programs have been developed from over 25 years of clinical professional experience as therapists.

Profile and Credentials        

Our Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Program is approved by internationally by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA), the International Association Of Counselors and Therapists (IACT), International Alliance of Professional Hypnotists (IAPH) and in Canada by the Certifying Council Of Clinical Hypnotherapists (CCCH).

Philosophy and Comments        

When it comes to career training, our goal is to provided our communities with competently trained skilled professionals, who can help others to reach their goals to live healthier lives - reaching the fullest extent of their capabilities.

We are dedicated to promoting the ethical uses of clinical hypnosis in medical, dental, mental health (behavioural), and forensic settings. We are committed to quality international career training with the utmost respect and absolute positive regard for our students, and to support our graduates in launching their careers as Clinical Hypnotherapists And:

To provide personalised and flexible career training for our students.
To offer an accessible and affordable world class training environment.
To provide an avenue for continuing education and personal growth for our students.
To increase public awareness about the benefits of clinical hypnosis.
To provide an avenue for the public to access qualified and competent Hypnotherapists through our certifying Associations.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        





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