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Bernadette Wulf



HealItAll.com, WulfWorks.net, CelticMysterySchool.com
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
United States
T: 707-824-0675


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Bernadette Wulf - WulfWorks


You Really Can "Heal It All" with EFT, good nutrition, Naturopathic healing modalities, and the Law of Attraction!

Health and nutrition coaching - results guranteed!

I will teach you how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with the Universal Law of Attraction to heal and uplift every aspect of your life. And if you really want to make progress, I'll also teach you about Practical Magic, the secrets of enlisting the aid of your powerful subconscious mind.

If you have seen "The Secret" and you want to learn more, or you want assistance putting the information into practice, contact me now. Phone sessions or email consultation available world wide. Visit http://healitall.com for more information.

Profile and Credentials        

I am a Naturopath, Reiki Master, EFT Therapist, and ordained non-denominational minister trained in emotional healing techniques, and nutrition. I teach workshops in EFT, MRT (Muscle Response Testing), and ATTRACTING ABUNDANCE based on the Law of Attraction.

I offer REIKI ATTUNEMENTS in all three levels (in person only). Visit http://healitall.com for more information.
I am also a visionary artist and writer. http://wulfworks.net
Singer/songwriter. My CD "Walking on Sacred Ground" is available at http://healitall.com/cd.html

"MONEY MAGIC!" author - financial manifestation manual based on Law of Attraction - guarantees improved finances in 90 days!
Non-denominational WEDDING minister.

Philosophy and Comments        

My work is about Energy; Bridging the Worlds of Earth and Spirit; connecting with the Inner Source of all things for creativity, abundance, health, and well-being. It is essentially healing and teaching work, whether it be through painting, music, writing, or counseling.

I believe that we are essentially perfect and powerful beings and that we can all learn, through the Universal Law of Attraction, to tap into our own wellspring of unlimited abundance, health, and creativity.

Visit http://healitall.com and http://wulfworks.net

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

EFT and Health and wellness Coaching sessions in person, or by phone or email (anywhere in the world) - by appointment. Offered by sliding scale donation. Suggested donation $90 per session. Results guaranteed! A session generally lasts about one hour.

Reiki attunments must be in person, by appointment.
Reiki I - By donation ($100 suggested)
Reiki II - $100
Reiki III (Master-teacher level) - $300

Wedding officiating - $100


EFT Life Coaching - Emotional Healing        

Rediscover the joy you were meant to experience in life. Clear anxiety, phobias, self-esteem issues, and much more with EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques, combined with the powerful Law of Attraction. Even physical problems often clear up rapidly, because over 90% of them are based on emotional causes.
I am an intuitive, compassionate counselor and therapist who can assist you on your path of healing and growth toward a more fulfilling life experience. Offered by donation. Results guranteed or you don't pay!
Also offering Reiki Attunements - all three levels.
Visit http://healitall.com

Practical Magic Lessons!        

Have you tried using the Law of Attraction only to find that it doesn't seem to work? That's because you haven't included your subconscious mind in your conscious choices. Your subconscious determines about 95% of your actions, so you can see how important it is to get the help of your subconscious when you want to make changes in your life!

That's where Practical Magic comes in. There are ancient secret ways to engage your subconscious mind in the process of manifesting your desires. When we use the language your subconscious naturally understands, i.e. symbols and rituals, we can really speed up the manifestation process.

If you are ready to jump start your work with the Law of Attraction, contact me - Bernadette Wulf wulfartist@yahoo.com or visit http://healitall.com/magiccourse.html

Warning: This is only for people who are really ready for change. It works... like magic. Be ready to TAKE OFF toward the life of your dreams!

Money Magic! - Manual for Manifesting Abundance        

Money Magic! - a metaphysical manual for manifesting financial abundance, based on the Law of Attraction. Guaranteed to increase your prosperity in 90 days!

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have it all, while others attract one tragedy after another? Have you wondered why "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?" Money Magic! answers these questions. You will see how you have shaped your own life in the past, and how you can now change your direction to move into the flow of abundance, where everything you want comes to you almost effortlessly.

I'm so sure it will work for you, just as it did for me, that I offer a money-back guarantee!

Visionary Art - Magical Realism        

Bernadette Wulf's uplifting, etherial acrylic or oil paintings of angels, wolves, fairies and mythical themes. Prints and cards available, as well as printed novelty items. Available at http://WulfWorks.net

Mural painting and decorative wall painting by special arrangement. Classes in lazure wall painting also offered occasionally, or by special arrangement.

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