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Deanne Quarrie

Deanne Quarrie


Hot Springs Village, AR 71909
United States
T: 501-781-6559


Annym Billagh is an ancient system of healing, originating from my ancestral path with roots in the British Isles, specifically,the Isle of Man. It is possible that something similar was used by the Druids, in particular, the Bandrui, the women who served the people as seers, healers, and wise women. Certainly whether Druid or not, the techniques of drawing on the energy of the Earth, Sky and Sea is as ancient as we are as a people. It is based on the knowledge that we are all One, living in a world supported by the Earth at our feet, the Sea from which all life comes, and the Sky, source of our breath, inspired by the Fire of Inspiration, blessed by all that is Divine.

Annym means 'inspiration', 'muse', 'genius', or 'poetic frenzy', ‘a fluid, a flowing', and 'a living principle, a being, a spirit, essential.' Billagh is a tree or a woody grove of trees.

Let me share the words of Taliesin, Ancient Bard …

The Annym I sing,
From the deep I bring it,
A river while it flows,
I know its extent;
I know when it disappears;
I know when it fills;
I know when it overflows;
I know when it shrinks;
I know what base
There is beneath the sea.

Annym, the 'flowing spirit', is a river, drawn from the sea by the poet's singing. The 'sea' could be a reference to the all-encompassing spirit that surrounds us, the 'river' being that portion which we may draw into ourselves or which resides within as our spiritual essence. Annym is ours by drinking from the Cauldron of the Goddess.

For me, when I see or hear the word, I think of ancient groves of trees with moonlight streaming through them and those ancient beings, Druid and Bandrui their blessed connection to Earth, Sea and Sky… repeatedly referred to in the bardic writings is lore relative to the origins of its alphabet, its relationship to trees and the Goddess.

Every object in the physical realm holds this spirit or Annym. Every tree, bird, animal, reptile, fish, every blade of grass and every other thing we know or can dream of holds within its own Annym, all part of the greater whole. Annym is not born, and never dies.

We connect to the Annym of the Earth by drawing her power through us as and becoming “agents” of her healing. We connect to the Annym of our kindred, the trees, seeking their specific healing energies generously shared with us. Annym spiritually awakens and restores balance for those who are depleted or out of balance or in a state of dis-ease, blocked or hindered in their ability to achieve wholeness, happiness, and joy in all aspects of their lives. Annym awakens, invigorates, and inspires.

Annym Billagh consists of inner work, breathing and meditation, hands on energy healing, internal use and topical application of the essences of the trees, Ogham healing symbols, and working with our kindred for integrating wholeness and well-being in our lives.

Profile and Credentials        

Deanne is an ordained minister with a focus on mentoring, coaching and helping others with personal spiritual development.

Throughout the years Deanne has learned a variety of complimentary healing modalities that aid and assist with relaxation, energy balance, and alignment of body, mind, and soul.

Beginning with a personal inventory, she helps others learn how to look within and discover hidden talents and abilities. These talents and abilities can then be developed and applied to living a soul-filled life.

Deanne believes that each of us is our own healer and with gentle facilitation, we all can "open to possibility" and enjoy life to the fullest.

Deanne does this is her own life by having a deep connection to all living things. She has found allies everywhere - on the Earth, in the Sky and in the Sea - in trees, birds, animals and stones. By tapping into her own Sacred Fire she has found joy in sharing with others. Nature is a beautiful teacher and by opening to wisdom from everything around us, we can all connect to the abundance offered to us.

Philosophy and Comments        

I am a child of the Earth. I live and breathe, walk and dance upon Her face. She is my source and I learn from Her each day. This I know…

Life begins in the dark as Desire.

Deep in that dark place life begins to form, taking root and becoming…..

As life stirs...... deep in the Mother's Belly, there is a gentle quickening, movement that alerts us to a "knowing" of the presence of something yet to come.

As the Earth prepares Herself with warmth, the rains and waters come and flood the land, nourishing the soil in which She is creating new life.

Earth and Water and Fire come together and Form continues to take shape.

One last thing is needed. Just as new form emerges, She breathes Air upon it. Her Breath, giving Life to all that She has nurtured.

Earth and Water and Fire and Air

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

All available on the website http://annymbillagh.com

Annym Billagh - Healing from the Trees        




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