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Diane Dropik, M.S., ACHt, DD

Diane Dropik


PO Box 390236
Mountain View, CA 94039
United States

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Hypnotherapy and Breathwork

I use a hypnotic state and regression to access the causes of symptoms and unhealthy life patterns. Revisiting early experiences in trance makes it possible to release repressed emotions or spiritual intrusions, create healing of their negative emotional and physiological effects, and discover the life patterns underlying behavior choices. I also use breathwork as a means to help the client access subconscious healing needs. I help the client retrieve any lost soul energy. When using the principles of NLP and Hypnotherapy, we spread the energies of love and truth as those outlined in A Course in Miracles, the Edgar Cayce readings, Usui Reiki, Quantum Mechanics, and shamanism.

Profile and Credentials        

Diane is a local practitioner of a particular healing method called Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy®. Diane has a Master’s degree in Psychology. She has received hundreds of hours of graduate training in hypnotherapy and breathwork as well as in Reike Healing and Theta Healing. I have certifications in these and other forms of healing. For further information see my webpage at: www.spiritualhealingwithdiane.com.

Philosophy and Comments        

The difference between traditional talk therapy and hypnotherapy is that hypnotherapy includes talking, but goes beyond what can be done only with talking. Many causes of problems are hidden from the client in the subconscious mind, and talking often doesn’t help them find the source of the problem. Hypnotherapy or breathwork can be tremendous resources in discovering the root causes of difficult problems. Even when the source of a problem is known, sometimes a client has trouble making a change in behavior. “I know what to do, but I just can’t seem to do it,” would be the complaint. I can provide tools for change in which the client maximizes the client’s control of their own life and behavior.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

$100 per hour/session by appointment.

Available for workshops and seminars.

Call me to set up an in-home visit. 408-206-1436 or email me at dianedropik@yahoo.com.






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