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Life Potentials Network, Inc.

Diantha Harris


PO Box 596
Eastport, MI 49627
United States
T: 231-633-5433

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The focus of Diantha's work is to empower individuals to be their best and to live the life they desire. To that end she works with color, feng shui, and the Akashic Records. She has created a line of environmental sprays that are nothing short of miraculous to heal and support every aspect of life. Diantha sees clients privately and teaches worldwide.

Profile and Credentials        

Professional member: Feng Shui Institute International

American Society of Interior Designers, International Academy of Colour

Faculty: Color expert for Feng Shui Institute of America; teleseminars for Life Potentials Network, Inc.

Author: Simply Color; Sad Sandwiches available online at www.lifepotentials.net and www.amazon.com

Creator and distributor of Simply Feng Shui and Simply Color environmental sprays Available online at www.lifepotentials.net

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe we are here to work together and to help each other succeed. To that end we are each given gifts to share and I bring mine to you freely and with gratitude. I seek to serve both you and our Creator. And I seek to help raise the vibration of this planet to peace and harmony.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Various. Please inquire.

Color Expert        

I have studied color extensively as an interior designer, an energy worker, and a feng shui practitioner which has brought me to a more holistic approach to color. Color sustains me and provides for me such joy and creative power. I love to teach others about its magic and power and ways to incorporate it into one's life.

Feng Shui practitioner and faculty member        

As a professional member of FSII, I practice the teachings of the Feng Shui Insitute of America which is the practice of the person/place connection. We have a more westernized approach to feng shui based in the sciences while maintaining a respectful eye to the traditional feng shui teachings. Feng Shui is a powerful way to use the environment in a conscientious way to support and enhance our lives.

As a faculty member, I teach as the color expert for FSIA.

Akashic Records        

Trained by a prominent reader in Chicago, I have developed my own unique approach to the Records which are also referred to as the Book of Life or the Book of Knowledge in all sacred texts. Readings can be done over the phone which makes it accessible to all. Find clarity and guidance through your exposure to the Akashic Records.

Creator and Developer of Simply Feng Shui & Simply Color Sprays        

With 17 feng shui sprays and 10 colors sprays we cover all aspects of life's challenges and concerns. These delightfully fragrant sprays are bottled in Michigan of the highest quality essential oil propietary blends and have created a way for people to work with their own issues while living with others. A unique and powerful product that can help shift situations and help support positive change.

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