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Centers For Healing

Binyamin Rothstein


28 B Northbrook Lane
Shrewsbury, PA 17361
United States
T: 717-235-3485

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The people who benefit the most from our approach are those suffering from injuries, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, headaches, neck aches, back aches, stress-related issues, constipation, and children with ear infections and AD/HD. The Centers for Healing approaches your condition using a non-medical model to relieve pain, increase energy and mental alertness and improve quality of life. With each visit you receive advanced bodywork that includes myofascial release and cranio-sacral therapy. In addition you also receive guidance on exercise, nutrition and which vitamins will serve you best. The Centers for Healing also offers training to physical therapists, occupational therapists and massage therapists, enabling them to provide pain relief and wellness to their clients.

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