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Spiritual Energy Solutions LLC Reiki Master / Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Dona Daubitz Barry


415 Benjamin Lane Louisville, Ky 40222 Suite 102
Louisville, Kentucky 40222
United States
T: 812-267-7713

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Dona Daubitz Barry Reiki Master
LPCA Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Services Provided:
Mental Health Evaluations
Casey's Law
Anxiety,PTSD,Depression,Anger Management,Career planning.

Services Provided:
Reiki Training and Healing Sessions
Distance Healing Work
Home and Business clearing of negative energies
Workshops and classes available:
Law of Attraction
Self-Esteem work Empowerment work
Learning your part in Relationships and healing them
Healing with Creative Dance
Classes on Meditation

Profile and Credentials        

Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Licensed Professional Counseling Associate
Recovery Coach and Trainer to train on Recovery Coaching.
Blessings Giver

Retired school teacher
Masters of Science in Education (School Counseling)Indiana University Southeast
Reiki Master Trained and have Certificates
Bachelor of Science in Education- The Ohio State University
Continuing Education in Science- University of Louisville
Masters in Education (School Counseling)- Indiana University Southeast
Worked and trained to become an LPCA (Licensed Professional Counselor Associate)at Grand Canyon University
Self Taught and Research in Spirituality (Thirty Years)
Work and study on:
Past lives
"Life after Death"
Self healing
The Law of Attraction
Archetypes "Playing Victim"
Focus and staying in present time
Affirmation work
Trained in pendulum work
Muscle testing
Currently studying the use of crystals
Prayer and meditation

Philosophy and Comments        

My journey started over thirty years ago in recovery. Due to Spiritual experiences and my work in recovery lead me to do my own research on spirituality and healing. I wanted to know MY TRUTH. What could I learn about this energy that was in my body? I have had spiritual experiences as a result of this quest. I will gladly discuss them personally.
I discovered that my source came from within.
I had a spiritual healing experience that lead me to the study of Reiki.
I believe that every human has the choice to find Their Truth, learn
from within and heal. Open mindedness and willingness are the keys.
I believe in taking what I learn and apply it practically to my everyday living.
I believe in the right for others to learn what they want to know about their own healing.
I believe that every individual has a right to their OWN TRUTH.
I believe that everyone has the ability to heal themselves.
Life is about self discovery, growth and change and what we do with our energy.
I believe in keeping the focus on me and my energy.
I assist others in finding their connection within

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call: 812-267-7713 or e-mail dona@spiritualenergysolutions.com or dona@mwbdesign.com
Schedule by appointments only.
I accept cash, money orders,Credit Cards and PayPal PayPal.me/DonaCDaubitz
Discount packages available on Reiki Training and sessions
Workshops and Classes-call for Fees

Reiki Training/ Healing Arts        

Training available to use Reiki on self and others. You can learn how to train others also. Reiki is not dependent on belief.
Energy blocks are formed in our auric fields. The blockages also form in our subtle energy pathways(located in the body) and physical bodies from the negativity that we think and feel. The blockages lead to attraction to negativity and illness. The blockages start energetically in our auric fields and the last stop is it manifests in our bodies.
The following Attunements advance in levels and you become more powerful in focus and channeling with the initiation of symbols.
Usui Reiki I & II Attunement.
Reiki I You will be able to channel energy. (no experience necessary)Learn Byosen scanning - used to scan for blockages.
Reiki II- you will be attuned to three Reiki symbols that adds more power to the healing process. This promotes healing mentally, emotionally and physically. You will be trained in distance healing also.
Reiki master IIIa - Attunement to Master symbol. This includes Grid Work, using crystals to send continuous Healing Energy to remove blockages. Auric Cleansing is a part of this learning process.
Reiki Master IIIb - Reiki Attunement to two Tibetan symbols. This includes the Healing Attunement.This process instructs you to teach and initiate others into Reiki and Attunements.
Learning to cleanse chakra's through using Reiki and Meditation.

I offer Reiki sessions for the removal of the blockages so the energy can flow freely in the body and assists healing.
I teach and train: Reiki I, II and Master IIIa and IIIb

Workshops and classes available        

It All Begins and Ends with Me-Taking responsibility for MY life
Incorporating and Maintaining Peace in MY LIFE
Personal Life Philosophies (Beliefs) and how they effect how we live
Belief Systems
Law of Attraction
Self-Esteem/Empowerment Workshops
Healing Relationships
Recovery Coach
Train to be a Recovery Coach



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