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Chrysalis Healing Arts

Valley Reed


11231 McCree
Dallas, TX 75238
United States
T: 214-288-8935

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Chrysalis Healing Arts is pleased to announce classes workshops and dream groups using Active Dreaming pioneered by Robert Moss. Coming up this year in 2011 we will be offering a fun and creative class series on Family Dream Sharing teaching families the value of sharing dreams between parents and children. Another depth workshop in dream exploration being offered is called Life lines where we will explore the pathways and crossroads of your life. Check the website for more information.

Profile and Credentials        

Valley Reed is a certified teacher of Active Dreaming with Robert Moss She will also teach classes on Family Dream Sharing based on her experiences with her own family, as well as and years of experience teaching to children and families, and also lecturing on the topic.

In the year 2000 she founded Chrysalis Healing Arts, located in Northest Dallas as her private practice where she combines dreamwork, energy work, and sacred dance toward wholeness and healing.

Her studies in shamanic dreaming and healing began in 1985 with her Teacher "Ten Bears" Bart Anderson, who trained under Wallace Black Elk of the Lakota Sioux Tribe. She has also studied with Dr. Apella Colorado and other traditional elders through the indigenous mind studies program in Maui, Hawaii. She has been a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams since 2000 and is a Regional Membership Representative for Texas. She is a frequent panel presenter at the IASD Annual International Conferences on such topics as dreaming with children, family dreaming, as well as dreaming with Indigenous peoples. Follow my blog at www.dreamsawake.wordpress.com to learn more about dreams.

Philosophy and Comments        

I work to meet the individual where they are at,

in partnership toward empowerment, healing,

balance, and wholeness.

In recognition of the connection that weaves us together as part of this magical tapestry we call call life, I invoke the protection of the circle and call on the powers of the four directions, the four elements, the animal and plant kingdoms and the heavens and the earth.

May each person reach the destination of their dreams

and return with gifts of beauty, love, healing,

wisdom and peace for our earth community

and may we each do no harm.

May it be so.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Chrysalis Healing Arts

11231 McCree

Dallas, Texas 75238


By Appointment Only
Visit www.chrysalishealingarts.org for more information.





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