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Eden Revisited Healing Ministry, Inc.

Martha Worsley


1909 University Blvd., S., #502
Jacksonville, FL 32216
United States
T: 904 396-1113
F: 904 721-5977

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A Spiritual, Educational, Energy and Healing Center Without Walls. A 501(c)3 organization founded in 1996. We teach, certify and assist those wishing to learn. We offer 2 day workshops as well as 2 hour workshops. We have classes concerning physical healing modalities (Shamanic Touch, Reiki, Emotional Pullouts) as well as classes and workshops about connecting to things Spiritual (Pendulum, Spiritual Counseling, Angels and Archangels). We offer weekly meditation and a Reiki Exchange. For more information see edenrevisited.com or marthaworsley.com

Profile and Credentials        

Our founder and President, Rev. Martha M. Worsley, works with individuals as well as groups. She is a Certified Spiritual Counseler, Reiki Master/Teacher, (Usui, Japanese, Tera Mai), Shamanic Touch Master/Teacher, Practices Energy Medicine, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), noted for her Guided Inagery, Meditation. Other practitioners are recommended through our web page. We offer tapes and CDs written, narrated and produced by Eden Revisited. Will do individual tapes for those with specific challenges.

Philosophy and Comments        

Why do people associate themselves with Eden Revisited? To expand their knowledge, to train for practical healing or spiritual modalities, to seek and find Spirit, to have a healing experience, to learn and share knowledge with others, to experience healing modalities, to gather with people seeking Spirit, heal and love in their lives, To take classes in metaphysical studies, natural health, and personal growth. To learn to heal themselves and others.

"When you heal yourself and assist others with their self-healing, you heal the Earth. You DO make a difference."

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

A session with practitioners varies. Our Multi-Modality Healer, Martha Worsley offers sessions for $65.00 or 3 for $165.00.

Classes range from $20.00 to $350.00 depending on the subject matter and length of class. We are flexible!

Rev. Martha M. Worsley        

Our Founder and President, a Multi-modality healer, teacher and counselor.




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