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Reiki Master Elizabeth Valsala

Elizabeth Valsala


Albuquerque, NM 87111
United States
T: (505) 299-0011


Elizabeth Valsala (pronounced "vahl-suh-luh"), a Reiki practitioner since 1988 and a Reiki Master since 1991, has dedicated her life to Reiki, specifically the form of Usui Shiki Ryoho given to Phyllis Lei Furumoto by Hawayo Takata. She is a student of Usui Shiki Ryoho as presented by the Office of the Grandmaster (http://www.usuireiki-ogm.com). Her approach is simple and practical, and her classes are relaxing, healing and fun. Elizabeth is on sabbatical this year; she plans to return to her Reiki practice in 2021.

Profile and Credentials        

Bachelor of Arts, University of New Mexico, 1984

First Degree Reiki with Clarity Martin, 1988

Second Degree Reiki with Clarity Martin, 1988

Deepening with Reiki with Moksha Kohlman, 1990

Reiki Master with Carole McMains, 1991

Usui System of Reiki I (Reiki Master Intensive) with Phyllis Lei Furumoto and Paul Mitchell, 1993, 1997, 2001*

Usui System of Reiki II (Reiki Master Intensive) with Phyllis Lei Furumoto and Paul Mitchell, 1998

Other courses with Phyllis Furumoto and/or Paul Mitchell include The Initiation of Masters, The Reiki Principles*, Silent Reiki Retreat, Winter Reiki Retreat, Annual Conferences on the Public Practice of Reiki, First Degree and Second Degree Reiki classes, annual NW Reiki Gathering, a gathering of Phyllis's masters, Dialogues with Phyllis Furumoto*, Reiki Master Get-Together*, and a Reiki Salon*. (*Elizabeth was the Organizer of the event)

Philosophy and Comments        

Reiki is my calling, my life's work. Reiki is my passion and the "love-of-my-life." I love being in the presence of my teacher, Phyllis Furumoto, the living lineage bearer of the Usui System.

I appreciate the simplicity of Reiki and of the form taught by Hawayo Takata to my teachers.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I am on sabbatical throughout 2020. Normally, I offer Reiki treatments every week and Reiki classes every month. When my sabbatical ends, you'll find a schedule of upcoming classes at https://reikiabq.com.

Class hours for the First Degree Reiki class are Thursday and Friday evenings, from 6:00-8:30 pm, plus Saturday and Sunday afternoons, from 1:00-6:00 pm. Cost is $150 plus NM tax.

Second Degree Reiki classes have arranged hours: 2 hours for the first session and 3 hours for each additional session. Cost is $500 plus 7.5% NM tax.

Reiki treatments are available Wednesday through Sunday from 1-8 pm, with some exceptions.

The recommended 4 treatments in 4 days costs $333 (tax included). Appointments are 2 hours long. One treatment is $90 (sliding scale available).

Pay with cash, check, or credit card with a surcharge.

More Affordable Reiki Treatment Options        

Choose from the following Reiki treatment options:
Full-length: 90 minutes of Reiki in a 2-hour appointment. $90
Brief basic: 60 minutes of Reiki in an 80-minute appointment. $60
Mental treatment: 45 minutes of Reiki in a 1-hour appointment. $45
Distance treatments: 65-75 minutes $60 or 21-30 minutes $30.
Visit https://reikiabq.com for more information.


My office is closed for the duration of my sabbatical this year.
When I reopen my practice in 2021, I expect to be at a new location.



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