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Ellen DiNucci, M.A.

Ellen DiNucci


P.O. Box 1599
Palo Alto, CA 94302
United States
T: 650 595-1817

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Ellen DiNucci's Mind-Body Energetics offers mind-body skills and energy healing training and sessions for groups and individuals.

Energy Healing for the Self & Others—Classes and Private Sessions

Energy healing classes cover introductory basics on grounding and running, directing, and clearing energy for the self and others. Reiki attunements are available.

Profile and Credentials        

Ellen DiNucci, M.A., is a reiki master and health educator. She also works in complementary & alternative medicine research at Stanford University and serves on the board of the Foundation for Mind Being Research. Ellen has taught staff, faculty, outpatients, and research study participants at Stanford Health Improvement Program, Stanford Cancer Supportive Care Program, and Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention. She has also taught and consulted in community, government, corporate, and retreat settings. Ellen has training in healing touch, mindfulness based stress reduction, movement awareness, and other intuitive and healing modalities. She holds a master’s degree in clinical holistic health education and a bachelor’s degree in communications.

Philosophy and Comments        

Energy healing practices have been used for thousands of years. Now western scientists are taking these disciplines seriously enough to critically study them at prestigious universities.

To utilize healing energy, the practitioner acts as a conduit of energy directing it to others, or back to the healer. Energy can be directed several different ways, including hand placement directly on the body, on areas surrounding the body, or at a distance from the body.

Preliminary research on humans and animals as well as anecdotal evidence suggests that energetic healing methods may be beneficial in several areas including pain, mood, stress, and wounds.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Energy healing sessions typically last one hour. The client, who is fully clothed, receives an eclectic array of intuitive healing methods based on his or her needs. Clients have used energetic healing for sports injuries, chronic physical discomforts, emotional release, stress reduction, personal growth, and recovery. Sessions are available onsite at work; home; a clinic , hospital, or retreat setting; or at the practitioner's office.





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