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Zensight Energy Healing

Carol Ann Rowland, MSW, RSW


350 Main Street East, 2nd Floor
Milton, ON L9T 1P6
T: (905)691-0330

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What if?...

What if you could heal your personal concerns gently and easily, while simultaneously improving your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health? What if these healing effects took place on a very deep and permanent level?

Holistic Psychotherapy puts these things within your reach.

Carol Ann Rowland, MSW, RSW – psychotherapist, creator of Zensight, and author of Discover Zensight: Easy Energy Healing & Personal Transformation – can help you to rapidly yet gently heal your personal concerns.

Zensight is an energy healing technique that is designed to be gentle, easy to use and of benefit to anyone.

Zensight combines aspects of a variety of other energy work techniques such as Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), EFT, Energy Medicine and Universal Healing Energy, together with elements of EMDR, Imaginal Nurturing, NLP, and "parts work", also known as Ego State Therapy.

Emphasizing the use of “healing statements” together with visualization and focused intent, Zensight activates and engages the energy system and both hemispheres of the brain. Many people experience signs of increased brain activity, such as vivid dreams and imagery, and enhanced visual and auditory acuity, during or after Zensight sessions.

Zensight can be used with a wide range of concerns, including many physical issues. Carol Ann specializes in the treatment of anxiety, trauma, and dissociative disorders, and provides individual and couples counselling.

Positive effects extend well beyond time spent with Carol Ann, as you will learn how to further heal your concerns in between sessions, for the maximum benefit and most rapid results.

Sessions are available by phone for $90 US/hour or for a single session, or $225 when three sessions are paid for at once.

Counselling sessions done in person in Milton, ON are $100 Cdn for one hour.

Profile and Credentials        

I am the creator of "Zensight Process" and author of "Discover Zensight: Easy Energy Healing & Personal Transformation".

Zensight is an energy work technique that takes the best aspects of a number of different healing techniques – including EFT, BSFF, Energy Medicine, EMDR, Imaginal Nurturing, ego state therapy (also known as “parts work”), and Universal healing energy – and puts them together into one easy to use package.

Whether you are a therapist or other practitioner who does healing work with others, or someone who simply wants to use self-healing, Zensight Process will help you to transform your life gently and easily.

ZensightTM Process is a healing method that is ideal for everyone. The use of EMDR-like imagery and “interweaves” provides ZensightTM with the greater speed and generalization of results that is found with EMDR – the most heavily researched modality for healing trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other concerns – without requiring the use of eye movements, or having the associated risk of destabilization and emotional flooding that EMDR can sometimes produce

I am also trained in traditional "talk" therapy as well as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and various other energy healing modalities.

10 years clinical experience, and in addition to my clinical practice I faciliate workshops for therapists and laypeople.

Philosophy and Comments        

I have a warm and relaxed personal style, and an excellent sense of humour. I consider my clients to be the best experts on their own situations. I am available to provide support, suggestions, and tools that clients can use to achieve their own personal goals. At all times clients are treated with respect, and encouraged to give me feedback on how I am doing, and how they are feeling about the work we are doing together. At all times I support clients in doing self-healing in addition to the work we are doing together. The best client is an empowered client!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I am available for telephone sessions. Telephone sessions using Zensight are just as effective as if they are done in person - sometimes more as there can be less distractions.

For more free information about Zensight, click on the "Join ZensightDiscussions", or sign up for the free mini ecourse on the "Zensight Resources Page" of www.zensightprocess.com





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