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Sharon Sinclair



10010 SE Vrandenburg Road
Happy Valley , OR 97086
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House, Soul & Space Clearing, Feng Shui, Shamanic practitioner, Soul Retrieval, Paranormal Investigator and worker, Portland,OR

The ancient arts of Ghost (spirit releasing), Space Clearing, Energy Clearing, Feng Shui, Shamanism & Dowsing are all tools I use to rid your home, self or business of unwanted negative energy.They are tools to help you.Shift The Energy - Change Your Life!

We have all walked into a home or business and felt like we wanted to leave or were immediately uncomfortable. You might even feel flu like symptoms in places, or around people who make you feel uncomfortable. We sometimes decide not to buy or rent a home or apartment because we don't like the way they "feel." Noxious vortexes or earth energies

can make you feel sick, angry and confused. Then we have predecessor energy, if you move into a home where there was divorce or a business that failed it is likely you will take on that energy.

Feng Shui/Space Clearing and soul retrieval can help you get a clean start. It is energetic clutter clearing.

We work with the Paranormal but do more than investigate, we will help release the spirits or ghost that are causing the activity.

We believe in ghosts and do not need to prove them to anyone. Many people have experiences with "Ghosts" , entities or thought forms .

You might feel a coldness in a room. The hair on the back of your neck stands up.There can be unusual smells, sounds or events that take place.My team and I are skilled in knowing the difference between these energies and helping trapped souls to cross in a gentle and kind way.

Profile and Credentials        

I began participating in the rituals of Space Clearing at the age of five. Three near death experiences before the age of 17 connected me with the ability to communicate with ghosts and spirits to help them crossover. It heightened my ability to sense and feel energy in the environment.I began my studies of Shamanic Practice under the guidance of my Cherokee Father and Celtic Mother & Grandmother.

Much of my studies have been rooted in Shamanic Buddhism. Many of the techniques I use were taught to me in the traditional (oral) way of being passed down by practice and observation through my Mother, Father, Grandmother and a host of wonderful teachers and mentors. I share these techniques and gifts with you in hopes of bringing you the clarity and the healing that you desire. In over 15 years of practicing as a professional, I have cleared hundreds of spaces, helped many businesses to prosper and many people to heal their homes and themselves mentally, spiritually and physically.

Native American Studies
This the tradition of my father - the Medicine Wheel and the Four Directions. This is the Native American tradition of honoring the Earth, its cycles and all creatures. We are guided by the properties of the four directions. This is nature-based study of the sun, moon and stars, Mother Earth, Father Sky and all the living plants and animals.

Personal Soul Retrievals

Extraction and Healing work

Depossessions and clearings

Curse and spell unraveling

Cord cutting

Chakra balancing and opening energy channels

We bring this information into our practice, as all cultures have their developed own form of Feng Shui.

This study acknowledges that we are related to all elements of creation, because we all live on the same Earth Mother and get water, air, food, fuel, and shelter from her. This is a study of the visible and invisible worlds, the study of working with the spirits of nature and angelic realms. By working in harmony with them we have access to great help, guidance and healing. 
As taught by my Celtic & Cherokee ancestors, grandmother, mother and father.

Black Sect Feng Shui This is also known as the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist tradition. It is perhaps the most ancient form, being derived from the Bon shamanic tradition that pre-dates Buddhism. It focuses on the placement of intent and for this reason is much better suited to modern Western life. Other formal Chinese schools such as Form and Compass Schools are very rigid and do not adapt as well to our transient lifestyles. Black Sect employs the use of “transcendental cures” to help strengthen the intentions that you want to achieve. Black Sect Feng Shui seeks to balance, heart, relationships and growth, in relationship to an enhanced flow of energy. This unique system is used to synchronize and align a person’s energy and intentions with their home or business. As taught by His Holiness, Grandmaster Lin Yun. 

Edgar Sung, Barry Gordon & Steven Post.

Five-Element Feng Shui 
The study of Five Element Feng Shui relates people to their environment in order to maximize productivity and health. It involves common sense and sound ergonomic design with good aesthetic principles to create environments that are balanced, nurturing, productive, creative and life enhancing. It is based in the use of the Chinese theory of five-element medicine - the elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. If our bodies and living spaces are balanced, we are in harmony with nature. Five-Element Feng Shui helps to bring the order of nature inside and thus enhance our work places and lives. As taught by Lillian Garnier Bridges, founder of the Lotus Institute.

Instinctive Feng Shui & Interior Alignment
 This is a very important aspect of Feng Shui. Through guided meditation we are able to help you become clear about your intentions, aims and issues. This puts you in a clearer place in order to truly understand what your wants and needs are. It helps you to focus on what is best for yourself and your business. As taught by Denise Linn.

Certifications In the following:

Shamanism, Shamanic & Spiritual Counseling,

BTB Feng Shui,

Five Element Feng Shui,

Intuitive Feng Shui,


Interior Alignment & Intuative Feng Shui,

Reiki Master,

Energy Healing,


Pranic Healing,

Energy Medicine,

Touch For Health,

Nutritional Therapy

Philosophy and Comments        

I am hear to be of service and do the work that is requested of me. I do soul retrievals, Soul Coaching and Space Clearing. My Feng Shui specialties require looking deep into your soul to see not only why you may have created a block in your home but why.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I work on a sliding scale from $30-$333 per healing or clearing.

We do distance clearing.





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