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BET HaShem YHWH Praise & Worship Ensemble


299 Glenwood Ave.
Bloomfield , New Jersey
T: 973-981-8090


The Bet HaShem YHWH Praise & Worship Ensemble was first created in 1997 under the helm of the ministry's visionary leader Bishop Timothy L. Pernell Jr. The Ensemble since has flourished under the leadership of Dr. Apostle Chris T. Pernell. The Praise & Worship Team, unique in sound and presentation, occupies a singular niche in the music industry. Its music and vibe are unmatched and encompass many genres including Gospel, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Calypso, Club and Reggae. The group is comprised of premier vocalists, producers, songwriters and musicians, all inspired of the Holy Spirit to bring forth a distinct blend of spiritually provocative lyrics, soul-stirring melodies, innovative live musicianship and cutting-edge production.

BET HaShem YHWH has been charged with the mission of teaching truth and healing through the ministry of song. The Ensemble stands on Yahn 4:24 "THE FATHER IS A SPIRIT AND THOSE WHO WORSHIP HIM MUST WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH." Thus it is the group's vision to flood the earth with truth, empower and liberate souls through Christ, and impart deliverance through the sounds of Praise & Worship. Ultimately, Bet HaShem YHWH seeks to propagate The Word and The Name which is above every name. The CD 'Return To The Word' features such fan favorites as 'Joy', an up-tempo groove with live instrumentation, 'Better Dayz', a harmony-filled R&B classic and 'The Voice', a poignant blend of heartfelt lyrics sung over acoustic guitar.

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