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Chet Alexander


Miami, FL 33145
United States
T: 786 271 5170


Kabbalah and Shamanism Classes. The Rainbow Belt School of Insight is a working formulation based on years of research and practice, which acknowledges and unifies the essential Teachings, preserved in ancient cultures and religions. This sacred knowledge, once hidden and preserved in ancient religions and philosophies, forms the foundation for a contemporary, radical understanding, introspection and heroic Self Analysis.

Classes are held throughout the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas.

Visit my website at: rainbowbelt.com

Profile and Credentials        

Over the last 25 years, Chet Alexander has trained professionals from Education, Social Services, Law Enforcement, Sports, Religious and Spiritual institutions to enhance their own skills and understanding. Chet has trained hundreds of students over the last 25 years. Those students that completed an extensive training with Chet, now run their own schools, training people to live healthy meaningful lives.

Chet founded the Rainbow Belt School of Insight after teaching for many years. This School was born out of a profound realization and awakening.

He has studied intensively with some of the world’s greatest Shamans, Kabbalists, Martial Artists, Dancers, Life Coaches and Artists.

Earned a B.A. in Art.

Trained in Encounter groups, Gestalt body work and Psychosynthesis.

Worked professionally as a counselor for over 25 years.

Was awarded a 5th degree black belt.


Philosophy and Comments        

Training in the Rainbow Belt School of Insight.

“The Long way draws sweat…the short way draws blood.” Jim Heron.

The RBSI training offers students from any cultural, spiritual or religious background, an opportunity to understand the way we look at ourselves and the world, in a gentle and gradual way. A consistent and patient approach to training, delivers deep and lasting, long term benefits. The RBSI training is a two year program that offers in depth teachings and techniques that will help anyone to create a truly balanced Life. Many students that have attended RBSI Classes have made tremendous shifts in their lives, after only the first level classes and/ or a course of counseling sessions .www.rainbowbelt.com

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Kabbalah and Shamanism classes are ongoing weekly classes of 90 minutes..

Counseling is by appointment only.





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