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Ammie Hague



Shoreline, WA 98133
United States




The Gilded Quill


The Gilded Quill is a privately owned business, established in January 2006. We carry an assortment of products focusing on fine paper arts, greeting cards and book binding. Our specialty books are exclusively designed and made so that you are sure to get an original with each purchase.

With a selection of over 60 woods, we also specialize in a wide selection of handmade, magic wands. Each wand is finished with its natural hue in-tact, crafted from from traditional Druidic woods to exotic African, South American, Asian and Native American woods, the magical properties of which have been carefully researched.

Profile and Credentials        

I am self-taught bookbinder who decided to go into business for herself after many years of working in cubeville. Expanding into wider paper arts and magical tools and supplies, I manage my own website plus a store on etsy.com, full-time and can be found traveling the local region to various conventions, faires and markets where I set up my booth.

Many of the events I attend are costuming and theme heavy so I have a real flare for invoking the world of fanstastical imagination through my arts, complimented by the wonderful costumes that go with each event!

Philosophy and Comments        

A book is much more than a sheaf of papers between two covers. It is a conduit for imagination brought into reality. Whether you are reading the works of a great literary author or the words are penned in your own hand, every scrivener is moved by their passion to set ink to paper.

It is our ambition to stimulate that passion by creating works that evoke the imagination; to immerse the mind and invigorate the spirit within the vision that our products inspire.

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