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Golden Altai


Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA United States


Do you want to get the most out of life? Are you trying to become

healthy, wealthy and wise?

Learn hidden wisdom! Experience great power! Live life to the

fullest! UniverSynergy Arts, from The Masters of Golden Altai, teach you to use ancient wisdom, including secrets of health and beauty,business magic, family harmony, inner peace and happiness, and many mysteries of Parapsychology and Astro Aikido!

Profile and Credentials        

Everyone dreams of having a happy life and reckons on the family as the basis of human happiness.

In modern times the absence of love, the unsuccessful search for the right partner and the lack of family harmony have become a pressing problem. Many people seek happiness for years, but are unable to find it, because they don't know why they are unhappy. They don't know how to find happiness or how to transform their state of unhappiness. Millions of people suffer from health problems: even children may have incurable diseases from an early age.

The same situations specified above, as well as fear and loneliness, also cause alcoholism and other addictions. All of them, however, in reality are just surface problems in people’s lives.

Every person has the right to pursue happiness; what should people do to attain it? What is needed?

Altai Chi is a renowned Russian mystic and the founder of the organization ‘Universynergy Arts’ that combines new knowledge and ancient teachings for the purpose of promoting great wisdom and helping the people of to the world to gather their natural energies and live in peace, happiness, love and freedom. Operating since 1989 Universynergy Arts this has become known as one of the best educational organizations in the world.

Philosophy and Comments        

Often old times’ mysticism, after being researched and properly understood, becomes the science of a new era. The mission of “Universynergy Arts reflects the life work of its founder, Altai Chi, in as much as it sets itself to understand and use the mysteries of ancient traditions in order to bring happiness to the people of the modern world: at the renowned Institute of Kaznacheev (Novosibirsk, Siberia- Russia) scientists studying the findings derived from ancient mysticism have discovered, to their amazement, that the teachings and techniques of Universynergy Arts have a profound scientific basis.

The process of thoroughly searching Knowledge took Altai Chi and Universynergy Arts many years, during which they studied and learned a great number of secrets hidden in various sources of wisdom.

As every country has its own government, our planet has its "government" too: this is a spiritual authority, which protects Earth by sending its envoys from the remote Himalayas, and more precisely, the valley of the Brahmaputra river, a place called Shambala. This directs the evolution of all people on Earth and sends all the Greatest teachers of humanity, amongst whom, it suffices to remember: Buddha, Zaratustra, Christ, Gurdjieff, Osho, Guru Shri Sotidanandana and many other great spiritual guides and founders of ancient religions.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

The Ancient Slavic Method gives people the possibility of gaining a broader perspective of life, to see it from different view points and, in addition, it helps to avoid deadlock situations by providing the means for finding a creative way out of any difficulty that may arise. For instance, ‘Applied Business Magic’ reveals the secrets that can help people to generate great wealth; ‘Tantra yoga’ can help in finding a partner and bringing harmony to relationships and the family and, last but not least, ‘Occult yoga’ helps in activating one's super abilities, which otherwise would, most probably, remain dormant. A special mention should be made to its exceptional ability in developing the true potentials of children, whose individuality and talents are often hampered by conventional education.

It is our hope that you will let us help you to use this knowledge, so that you too can find happiness for yourself and your family.


Please check the Seminar Schedule to see if there is one scheduled near you. Who knows how much knowledge you might acquire?

Please check back in awhile to see how much progress we have made in putting the knowledge we have available on the website for you.


Siberian Yoga


Art of Goddesses

Siberian Shamanism

Spiritual Healing

Esoteric Astrology

Oriental Dance

Siberian Tantra Yoga

Orfica - Magic Art

Indigo Children

Business Magic

Esoteric Psychology

Siberian Yoga giving unity to the body, soul and spirit        

If you have pain in your body (joints, muscles …)

If you have many negative emotions (anger, jealousy, envy…)

If you have a lot of negative thoughts (obsessions, criticism …)

Siberian Yoga is for you!

The lessons of Siberian Yoga follow three main directions: Raja Yoga, Tantra Yoga and Occult Yoga. They retain to these days mysteries and rituals able to open your extra sensory abilities so that happiness, joy and cheerfulness will start coming your way.

If you, your friends, parents and colleagues make Yoga part of your daily life, you will obtain harmony and happiness in all your endeavours.


Dear women, this school has been created especially for you!!!

Many women do not know the gift they harbour within themselves and this causes them much suffering. In addition, problems to do with their family, children, work or health increase women’s suffering and negative states of mind. As a consequence, negative energy surrounds women’s aura like dust that cuts them off from the Universe. In this way women lose their vital energy and, unfortunately, also their beauty, youth and health.

You are worthy of being happy.

This is why we have created this school, precisely for you.

Take this chance!

The secret knowledge of Great Ancient Priestesses and Powerful Magicians, so far only open to famous singers and actresses, is now revealed to you too.


This ancestral tradition is a religion, and it is at the base of other religions, science and mysticism. Nowadays, there are many forms of shamanism on earth, but researchers of institutes involved with the study of the civilization of the Irkuts have seen traces of Siberian shamanism in the shamanic traditions of Australia, Africa, America, Tibet and in many religions.

The history of shamanism dates back over 40,000 years. During this period the shamans preserved knowledge abut human happiness and the connection of humans with the Divine Power. These shamans lived in Siberia and were protected by local spirits.

The spirits of Siberia kept this knowledge for many centuries and only recently Altai Chi, a great Siberian shaman, has begun to transmit it to all humanity.

Siberian shamanism is the last step to be explored in modern spirituality.

ASTROKARATE: Complex of Methods for Psychological and Energetic Defense        

AstroPlanetary Karate uses ancient mystical and scientific principles of energy manipulation to achieve amazing results, including many forms of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and so-called Supernatural Powers. Of course, nothing in the natural world can really be supernatural but rather relies on natural laws that are not widely known.

The Masters of AstroPlanetary Karate can teach you to harness the power of your own inner energy. Then you can learn the ancient techniques to control Sansa Energy Fields, comprehend the mysteries of Sansa Psychology, Spiritual Aikido, Group Dynamics, and other important areas of Special Powers.

Astrokarate is for people who really want to improve themselves and their real life world.

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