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Heather Alt HC

Heather Alt


Mystic , CT 06355
United States
T: 443-486-8772


Be in Health Counseling is about you as an individual reaching your personal health goals in the way that works for you. Fad diets don't work because they have a one-size-fits all mentality and they don't take into consideration all other aspects that can contirbute to poor health such as relationships, stress, career, physical activity, and spirituality. With Be in Health Counseling you will gain the support and resources to reach your health goals through simple lifestyle changes.

For more information please visit www.heatheralt.com.

Profile and Credentials        

Hi! I am so happy you have come to visit me here :) I am passionate about working with women who are frustrated with their health and are wanting to loss that extra weight, gain more energy, eat the right foods, or learn how to cook. You may be tired of trying, and yet failing, at all those fad diets, or you may just want to tap into your optimal health potential and just don't know where to start. I am here to support and encourage you on this journey. I can relate because I was once tired and frustrated too, but learned the truth behind abundant health in this life. I want to help you break through and reach your health goals as well!

I also have a broad background in the area of raw foods for optimal health. The benifts of adding raw foods to your diet are amazing and fun! I can work with you in that area specifically if that is of interest to you. I persoanlly believe that no one diet or lifestyle works for everyone and it is your time to find out what works for you!

Below are my Credentials and Qualifications:


The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City

Professional Training and Certification Program

Toccoa Falls College

B.S. in Counseling


American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)

Board Certified and Accredited Member

Alissa Cohen’s Living on Live Food Chef Certification


The Sprout a Healthy Juice Bar Café

Manager and liquid chef

Raw food detox programs

Citrus Café and Juice Bar

Manager and Raw Food Chef

Cleanse programs

Raw Food Preparation Classes


Workshop Presenter


Holistic Health Articles and Newsletters

Used for distribution to clients and email subscribers

Philosophy and Comments        

Be in Health Counseling is a service that breaks beyond the one size fits all diet fads and taps into each person's bio-individuality.

We are all different, therefore each person needs to eat, live and play in specific ways that will nourish them as an individual. I will work with you to create a lifestyle change while we create and reach your personal health and wellness goals.

Upon working with me you will be provided with encouragement and support.

Here is what your program will consist of:

*Two sessions (45 minutes to an hour long) each month for 6 months

*Recommendations based on sessions

*unlimited email support between sessions



*Monthly Newsletters with healthy tips

*Invitation for you and a friend to a free tele-seminar

*And special goodies to come in the mail!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Phone clients now being accepted at flexible day/night time hours.

Counseling program in 6 months in length and sessions are twice a month every other week for 45 minutes to an hour.

Fee is accepted in full or monthly.





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