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Windows To The Soul

Hannelore Thiel


West Vancouver, BC V7S 1L2
T: 604-999-0307


Hannelore offers transformational and empowering workshops, seminars, talks worldwide designed to uplift, inspire and motivate. Also Magical Dolphin Retreats in Hawaii. Visit Hannelore's websites at www.windowstothesoul.com and www.communingwithdolphins.com

Hannelore msc.msh, is the founder of the Windows to the Soul classes, seminars and retreats. A spiritual life coach, gifted intuitive, international speaker, author, teacher, counselor and healer. Hannelore is also an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Minister of Spiritual Counseling/Healing, Reiki Master and vessel for many disciplines. Her courses and retreats demonstrate wisdom, experience, compassion, loving light and humour.

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