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Harry Potbelly Lord of the Onion Rings


What happens when you cross The Jerky Boys, Bob Newhart, song, satire, dance, nutty phone calls, entertainment, anchovy hunting, mysticism, peace activism, education material and an irreverent sense of humour? Harry Potbelly is an unusual artiste and his unprecedented double album of 36 tracks is written in code. There's even a mystical last track that optionally helps the listener understand the deep meanings behind what on the face of it may be seen as puerile antics.

Profile and Credentials        

Harry Potbelly Lord of the Onion Rings is very qualified. He is a qualified TV presenter, done live gigs and gives after dinner speeches. Even breakfast ones. As a part time hobby Harry runs the world, refer to www.harryrings.org. His material is used in schools and colleges.

Philosophy and Comments        

1, world peace and extreme poverty eradication are possible by december 12th 2012
2, never sit on a squirrel
3, beware of anchovies

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