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DeeAnna Nagel



100 8th Avenue West
Havana, FL 32333
United States
T: 706 506 9151


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Havana Wellness Studio


Online Coaching & Training

While I continue to offer online coaching and training, I now have a delightful brick & mortar where I see people in-person as well!

I share space with my best friend of 35 years – Mary Jane Brower heads up the Aromatherapy Workspace & Boutique and I join her in my Studio.

I host a lovely place full of vintage florals and aromatherapy accessories, plus essential oils, natural perfumes and attars. We have facial creams and scrubs, lotions and potions, all ready for use or ready to be enhanced with pure essential oils of your choice.

We have green cleaning products and personal care products all in an effort to promote nontoxic living. And there is “us”- a team of two, always happy to engage with you about any questions you might have.

Wellness Consultations, Intuition & Chakra Healing

In the studio I meet with people individually for wellness consultations. My consultations are practical, drawing from years of experience as a psychotherapist. Now turned wellness coach, aromatherapist and energy healer I also offer chakra balancing and intuitive readings. I love to tap into the powerful vibration of essential oils and for those who are willing, adding a bit of experiential writing to the consultation can be extremely curative. Healing can often be found in the written word. The initial 45 minute in-person consultation is always offered at no charge. I offer online intuitive readings as well.

Workshops about Essential Oils, Green Living, Intuition, Coaching & More

We also facilitate workshops at the Studio- free workshops, advanced workshops and professional workshops too! Our workshops represent the practical and the mystical.


The studio is more than the items we sell and the services we provide. Being “in” our space brings sol ace for many, even if briefly as they dip inside on a hot summer’s day. We aren’t fancy or trendy. We ARE mindful and intentional. There is a purposeful energy that flows through and most who enter are drawn in and return.

Profile and Credentials        

I am a former psychotherapist turned energy healer, aromatherapist and wellness coach and loving this soulful work!

Essential Oils

I am a leader and educator with Young Living- the largest distiller and distributor of quality essential oils in the world. I believe in the stewardship and mission of this company. I changed my entire career a few years ago to focus on sharing with others how much essential oils can support our physical, spiritual and emotional health. Essential oils have changed my life in awesome ways and Young Living is a company I am proud to represent.

Intuitive Work & Energy Healing

I am conduit for the source energy that allows you and me to work together- balancing chakras, healing past wounds, grieving, letting go, transforming and reaching your highest potential . Ultimately I teach people how to tap into their own inner wisdom and intuition. I use tools that include essential oils, tarot and creative writing. I also just listen- and then we talk within a space that is filled with a divine vibration. And I do this with you in the room or with continents between us. I offer in-person intuitive wellness consultations and online intuitive readings.

Online Classes

I offer personal enrichment courses ranging from Chakra Healing and Reiki to Wellness Lifestyle and Enhancing Intuition. I also offer coach training that qualifies toward various certifications along with continuing education for coaches and therapists.

Where can you find me?

Havana Wellness Studio located next to the Aromatherapy Workspace & Boutique is where you will find me these days in Havana, FL offering Intuitive Wellness Consulting and Aromatherapy Workshops. And if you can’t make it to Havana, no worries! My Intuitive Services are available online and we offer aromatherapy teleclasses too!

Although I do not practice as a psychotherapist anymore, I still hold a license as a mental health counselor (LMHC). I am certified as a coach, aromatherapist, angel card reader and energy healer. I hold certificates in chakra balancing and akashic records and I am a Reiki Master Teacher.

Formal Bio

DeeAnna Merz Nagel, LMHC, CIHC, BCC is a former psychotherapist turned wellness coach. Among other topics, she teaches coaches about alternative approaches to health and wellness and how to deliver these services ethically, whether in-person or via distance technology. She is considered a thought leader on the delivery of online therapy and coaching as well as distant healing.

DeeAnna is a Certified International Health Coach (CIHC) through the International Association for Health Coaches and a Board Certified Coach (BCC) with Wellness designation through the Center for Credentialing and Education and. She is a member of the International Association of Coaching (IAC) and holds the IAC-Practitioner credential. As well as her coaching credentials she is also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Aromatherapist and Certified Energy Healer.

Philosophy and Comments        

My Journey

The short version…

Over the past several years my focus has shifted from traditional and online psychotherapy to complementary modalities including Energy Healing, Aromatherapy and Wellness Coaching. The shift happened as I struggled with my own health issues and I found wellness by embracing alternative methods of healing. As I found my own balance, I realized I no longer wanted to work as a psychotherapist, rooted in the culture of medicine, disease and diagnosis. Don’t get me wrong. I respect modern medicine. I just decided I wanted to focus on wellness and optimal health from a holistic framework and so the shift began.

This experience has been a “coming home” in many ways. I have always embraced holistic approaches to health and wellness even before my own personal health crisis, and now I have come full circle to a time before my formal mental health training. I finally came out of the closet as an intuitive and now I intentionally bring those gifts to my work as well. I have been teaching therapists, coaches and healers for most of my career and I continue to do so, mentoring others who are on similar journeys embracing health and wellness.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Intuitive Services

Online Angel Tarot Reading 30 minutes $27
I use the Angel Tarot Deck to offer clarity and guidance to your current concern or situation. I give you a written reading...

Distant Healing & Chakra Balancing 30 minutes $47
I combine Reiki and Divine Healing techniques, sending love and light for balancing and healing. I offer brief feedback to...

Online Intuitive Reading 1 hour $97
I channel on your behalf through a process called Automatic Writing. I quickly tap into source energy. Spiritual Direction...

Intuitive Wellness Coaching 1 hour $97
I quickly tap into source energy. Spiritual Direction, Love & Romance, Twin Flame, Work & Career, Emotional & Physical...

Coaching the Twin FlameCoach 1 hour $97
If you are a therapist, coach or healer working with Twin Flames, you know this work comes with rewards and as guides we...

Intuitive Studies

Intuitive Wellness Coach Certificate $1897
This 200-hour online, self-paced course qualifies toward a wellness coach credential through CCE & IAHC.

Twin Flame Coach Certificate $197
Learn to coach the Twin Flame journey! Be a guide to Twin Souls searching for meaning and purpose.

Aroma Coach Certificate $150
This course is designed to help practitioners integrate the use of essential oils into their existing practice.

Intuitive Wisdom Certificate $150
Develop your intuitive gifts for personal and professional endeavors!

Reiki Master Teacher Certificate $200
Learn Reiki levels I, II & III online! The course is self-paced with ongoing feedback offered throughout!

Reiki for Self-care $65
Reiki Level I is an excellent exploration for self-awareness and self-care.

Chakra Healing and Essential Oils $50
This course combines chakra healing with essential oil wisdom so that you can intentionally tap into your own intuitive wisdom.





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