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The Holistic Pathway

Donna Williams, RMT,ETPT


Cary, NC United States
T: 919-414-1574


The Holistic Pathway is founded on the belief in health and wellness through a natural, holistic approach. All of our services are designed to help our clients improve the status of their health and well being. Our services include Nutritional and Lifestyle consultations, Compass Nutritional Assessments, Reiki therapy, Biomagnetics, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Emotional Transformation techniques, and Customized Wellness Programs based upon specific needs. We offer educational and training classes in Health & Wellness, Reiki, and Emotional Transformation and are available for speaking engagements for community and school groups.

Profile and Credentials        

Donna Williams, RMT/ETPT & Holistic Health Practitioner is founder of The Holistic Pathway - I am a Traditional Usui Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher. I am also a Licensed Practitioner and Trainer of EmoTrance which is a relatively new modality developed in the United Kingdom. I have been practicing energy work for close to 15 years. I am also trained to give and teach the Nine Rites of the Munay Ki, which are ancient rites of the Incan Shamans.

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Hours by Appointment.

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