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Heart River Center for Intuitive Healing

Peter Roth


New York, NY 10025
United States
T: 212-222-7748


Providing opportunity for magical personal growth

Join our transformational classes to enhance your spiritual consciousness, intuitive gifts and healing empowerment. Climb deeply into vast Universal wisdom and discover the deepest knowing of yourself and others. Acquire totally new and effective healing tools for radical results.

Heart River Center was founded in 1997 by spiritual teacher and intuitive healer/counselor Peter Roth. The Center is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to help participants, and those they help; expand consciousness working with intuition. Creating an enriching environment to explore healing and the deeper meanings of life. Developing intuition has been our greatest emphasis as communicating with higher consciousness creates infinite possibilities; expanding the healing potential.

Our students have used what they learn to dramatically change their lives and the lives of others. Our classes and webinars can offer you many opportunities to explore different themes of life. Peter uses his intuitive gifts to help each student know themselves better.

Peter Roth, the founder and director, is an acclaimed practitioner who works with clients and students world-wide. In person, on the web or on the phone, he offers fresh insight and transformation. Please explore the website at heartriver.org to learn more about Heart River’s programs and call 212-222-7748 or email Peter for more information.

Profile and Credentials        

The Heart River Center, in New York, was founded in 1997 by the spiritual teacher and healer, Peter Roth. It provides an intimate environment for students to explore and raise spiritual consciousness and develop their intuitive gifts. As a “healing school”, Heart River focuses on the source of imbalance and addresses the psycho-emotional story around the issues and looks at the most promising opportunities to unplug from the struggle. The center helps students to understand the deeper meanings of life and attain specific tools that augment their paths in attaining wholeness and personal empowerment.

Peter and other professional intuitive healers teach classes on various methods of healing including kinesiology, the morphogenetic field, and energetic resonance to name a few.The primary teacher at Heart River is its founder, Peter Roth. Mr. Roth has been teaching about intuitive healing, health, spirit, and fitness in New York since 1974. His work has been featured in national publications and, currently, in the book “Healing Spirits, True Stories about 14 Spiritual Healers”. Occasionally, guest instructors are invited to teach special classes and a number of students are now student-teaching. The school also offers classes in the Human Design System.

Providing opportunities for advanced students, including legally ordaining them as healing ministers, is part of Heart River’s mission. The school has a number of practical themes to advance and harness students’ abilities. It teaches students to develop “inner hearing” and to learn to access “higher information” from the Universe.

Students learn to receive detailed “intuitive” information about the patterns of their life as well as the lives of others. These insights impact one’s self-knowledge and self-empowerment and allow for more positive and healing choices. Classes focus on levels of awareness that integrate their energy systems with their hearts to create feelings of inner strength and harmony.

Philosophy and Comments        

Students continuously evolve and fine tune the diverse skills taught in the school. In the process, Heart River provides a supportive community for each student’s unique abilities. The center wishes to empower students individually rather than expect them to fit the form of others. They are guided to discover how they themselves tune into energy. Students explore higher consciousness and their personal growth in an environment of enthusiasm and mutuality.

The Heart River Center, Inc. is legally incorporated as a Church and is a not-for-profit organization. As such, students who complete their studies can be ordained as healing ministers and perform ministerial duties, such as offering healing to others and legally marry people. The school has been publicly supported by grants from individuals, private foundations and matching grants. All tax deductible donations are welcomed.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please explore the website at heartriver.org to learn more about Heart River’s programs and call 212-222-7748 or email Peter for more information.

Classes are normally held online or you can just use your telephone. Sometimes they are various locations on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

To subscribe to our announcements, send an email with your request.

About Peter Roth        

It’s hard to label my work but I start off by saying I’m an intuitive healer/counselor.

You might also say just healer, or life counselor. Some say life or health coach. For some I’m a relationship counselor or coach. I help many people with physical ailments so for many I’m a medical intuitive. I’m also a metaphysical or spiritual counselor and healer. Look at some of the classes and you’ll see many about metaphysics. My radio shows on Energy Stew are often about consciousness and metaphysics as well as personal development.

I’ve lived in New York City for the last 50 years after being raised in Westchester County, NY and schooled at Tulane, Penn State and NYU. I live and work on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with my wife Deborah who has her own practice as a Life Design Strategist and Interfaith Minister who focuses on Spirited Career/Life Coaching for Women, Relationship Support for Singles and Couples, Unique Wedding Ceremonies & Life Passage Celebrations (see spiritedliving.com). We share one of those great, old and comfortable West Side apartments.

My life has been a journey with many turns. For much of it, I didn’t notice the one constant that seemed to entwine other interests; a desire to know how to help people reduce their confusions, inadequacy and pain.

This was always a factor in my roles as a young photographer (with a studio in the photo district for 12 years), an author (of the book “Running USA”), a film producer (of the movie “On the Edge” starring Bruce Dern), a marathon founder and director (NYC Marathon) and also Chief Coach of the West Side Soccer League (with 3000 kids). I also created and ran a manufacturing company (Kidselebration, Inc.) which I sold after 12 successive profitable years.

Although quite successful in these fields, I was more drawn to help clients and associates with their lifes’ limitations than the business at hand. Finally, the healing and counseling tide was too great to continue pursuing other interests.

Historically, my path began as I was consumed, as a teenager, to understand multi-dimensionality as a result of my father’s death. Where did he go and how would I ever see him again? I feel a lot better about those mysteries now and do expect to see him again. On a more physical plane, at the beginning of the running boom in the mid-seventies, I became an founding officer and director of the New York Road Runners Club and the New York City Marathon (until 1999). I’m featured in a full length documentary about the history of running in NYC called “Run For Your Life”. A great pride in my life was to help launch the Achilles Track Club for disabled athletes which now has chapters in more than 62 countries.

Having been a life-long runner, I then began coaching and training runners. At the same time, Gary Null, the host of the Natural Living Radio Show, asked me to be a regular guest and occasional host of his show. Together, we founded the Natural Living Club and helped thousands of people pursue healthier, happier lives over the next 30 years. During this time, I studied with many teachers who revealed mastery of the many mysteries of mind, body and soul.

Among them I count, Avery Ferentz, Annemarie Colbin, Ben Benjamin, Peter Urban, Dorothy Espiau, Del Pe, Choa Kok Sui, Martin Feldman, Kalu Rimpoche, Khempo Kathar Rimpoche and Ra Uru Hu. I’ve recently had the pleasure of studying Family Constellations with Roberta Maria Atti and Total Biology with a number of teachers from this incredible French program. There is never an end to enhancing our learning.

My practice covers many different aspects of people’s needs. I work intuitively to analyze the many energies that emanate, not only from bodies, but from the deeper part of the soul. This is where I find the master computer that reveals the inner patterns of imbalance one is challenged by. I also use many techniques to fine tune bodies for health and athletic performance and work with some of the top runners in the world. Most of my clients are not athletes.

My job is to help make people feel whole. This includes the dramas in one’s life (i.e. relationships, work situations, finance, health, etc.) and to see where the dysfunctional patterns began and to find the solutions to them. I love to bring people out of pain and I’m excited about the many tools I have to do it. This is why I teach. It’s great to have an arsenal and I want everyone to have one. Of course the strongest tool we have is our heart. To strengthen this strengthens all. I want my clients to have the tools to be powerful and maintain their health and happiness.

Sessions with me can focus on the many different life issues you may be concerned about. Many clients also ask me about others in their lives and I’m able to intuitively know about anyone you are interested in. This includes family and business associates. I’ve done a lot of work with executives about many aspects of their business life and often provide insight into prospective job applicants.

As a Human Design analyst, I’m available to interpret your Human Design chart. Please see the Human Design webpage about this.

Weekly Monday Tele-classes & Intuitive Development Webinar 7-9pm Thursday nights        

Weekly Monday Tele-classes

Join with Peter on a call, to learn more about yourself.

For more information or to register, see this page.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be sent an email with the information to call in. These classes are primarily for telephone but those of you with computers can go to the web link and you’ll have the class on your screen and be able to see Peter. If you have a webcam, you can either use skype or the software to download from the class and then Peter can see you as well.

Intuitive Development Webinar 7-9pm Thursday nights

• Learn and refine innate intuitive skills
• Work with magical intuitive divining tools
• Create a meaningful and articulate dialogue with the Universe
• Learn to use the wisdom of your intuitive powers to counsel others
• Discover and utilize the intuition that resonates through allyour senses
• Classes will be interactive with many opportunities for fine tuning

The program is $200 for the 5 weeks.

Students harness their own divining tools to discover their personal intuitive strengths and skills in comprehending the “Language of the Universe.” Students learn to sensitize their hands, fingers and other dowsing instruments to feel energy and attune to its form and flow.

The nuances of these skills allow students to examine individual energy fields, such as chakras and the Tree of Life, that intriguingly divulge important life issues.

For more information or to register see this page

True Life Circles        

Transmissions for de-conditioning
a free healing program

I’ve been given a new program through transmissions from higher consciousness to access energy related to our birth dates. These are the numbers responsible for revealing our lives with amazing clarity through astrology, numerology, Human Design, destiny cards and other powerful ways. In a sense, they are our spiritual address in the Universe. They are our template for the personality we are born with.

Working with this new healing program we will de-condition the parts of us we’ve collected that interfere with our progress in manifesting our greater destiny. A metaphor for this program is a stem cell treatment for the psyche.

We all have greater purposes in life and are here to create value both for ourselves and others. Yet, there have been people and events in our lives that have created difficult circumstances for us. Conditioning comes from countless early experiences when we were too young to have perspective or unable to process problematic events. These have allowed our minds and bodies to develop habits and behaviors unsuited for our future happiness.

For more information or to sign up, please see this page

Human Design System        

Everyone is born with a unique personality and it’s a great value to learn about it. Human Design shows what you’ve come here for, what your purpose is and what your strengths and even weaknesses are. Then, strategies can be created to do the best job with what we’re given. For parents, it’s so helpful to know how our children are going to grow up and who they are here to be. It’s so much easier to raise them when we can make decisions based on their uniqueness.

Many of the Monday night tele-classes include information about each student’s chart. Peter receives birth data from the students and uses their charts according to the theme of each class. He’s also available to do private readings. He’s done a couple of thousand of them and they take about 2 hours for a full coverage of the chart. Contact him by email or call 212-222-7748.

The Human Design System is a brand new mystical science that was first revealed in 1987. It works with the position of the planets at the moment of one’s birth to establish a chakra template (body graph) based on the hexagrams of the I-Ching.

When Peter provides chart readings for people, they are always astounded it the intricate insights and consistent accuracy that Human Design offers. Your personal design reveals layer upon layer of deep and constant personality traits that have always been a part of you. People always ask if we are stuck with our design and many are dismayed that this is true. We think we should be able to change what we want. Of course we can change and become much better at who we truly are than become who we were never designed to be. No one seems to suggest that a Gemini can become a Leo.

You are born into 20 to 25 hexagrams (depending on duplication) out of the 64 of the system and these represent the particular idiosyncrasies of your personality. The 64 hexagrams have been shown to parallel the 64 codons of the genetic code. This is actually a gene chart. Your chakra centers are selectively activated, or not, at birth by your particular hexagrams and further define your true self. There are many other profound themes of your life that can be interpreted by your chart.

This powerful system gives you very specific tools to know how to live your life authentically. The core of the system shows you how to make correct and true decisions for anything in life.

Peter Roth is a registered Human Design Analyst and certified instructor who can help you understand your chart. Many of the profound truths that the system reveals have been integrated into the life understandings that Peter teaches in the Heart River classes.

For more information, see this page.

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