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Holly Beatie



P.O. Box 4275
Truckee, CA 96160
United States
T: 530/550-0885
F: 530-550-7537




High Sierra Botanicals


For those who want natural, effective alternatives to chemically-based products and synthesized medications, High Sierra Botanicals offers safe, healthy options.

The products are made with the finest quality natural, wild-crafted, and organic ingredients to create exceptionally synergistic formulations for beauty, balance, spiritual and emotional well-being, and transformation.

The variety of plant materials used (flower essences, herbs, essential oils, nutritional oils & butters) offers an uncommon alchemy for healing potential. Flower essences are used in all of our personal care and healing products to enhance, harmonize, and potentiate the other botanical ingredients.

From our award-winning balms & salves to the High Octave Flower Essence Formulas, to our new line of natural Artisan Perfumes, High Sierra Botanicals is committed to excellence.

Profile and Credentials        

Holly Beatie enjoyed a twenty-year athletic career, mastering many competitive sports, winning over 200 races in a variety of events, and even brought home the first world championship medal for the U.S. in Biathlon. She is America's first female Biathlete, pioneering the sport by competing in the mens' events, opening the door for other women to come out and get involved with this complex, challenging sport.

After retiring from competitive sports in 1997, Holly embarked on an inward journey of healing and discovery. Having a strong affinity for nature and the outdoors, she has mastered the use of plant-based materials to create an extensive line of Earth-friendly healing products including flower essence formulas, medicinal balms and salves, aromatherapy, natural perfumes, and body care. She incorporates wild plants from the Sierra into many of her formulas as a testament to the healing powers of plants that are readily available to everyone.

Currently, Holly manages over 100 products in her line of High Sierra Botanicals and when she's out on the trails, is a sharp shooter with a camera instead of a rifle.

Holly Beatie: "I did not consciously set out to become a healer or personal care product maker. My journey into the world of plants and their incredible healing gifts has been guided by higher forces. These energies have taught me to pay attention on many subtle levels and eventually learn to self-nurture, receive, and believe in the higher principles of Love and Light."

High Sierra Botanicals products are brought to life through a cooperative, guided process of love, heart, and intention.
"I am an extensive back-country explorer of the High Sierra in all seasons and consider myself a steward of these mountains. I am a member of the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue team, have led many hikes for Elderhostle and other organizations, am trained in avalanche and wilderness medicine skills as well as plant and animal identification."
"I am a prolific researcher and am always fascinated and interested in new information about plants and their many and varied uses. Often, information tends to find me at appropriate times, which re-affirms my belief in the magic and guidance that is always there and available to us if we can hear and feel it."

Philosophy and Comments        

My work and products represent an enlightened and evolutionary approach to eneregy medicine and botanical alchemy. By tapping into Ancient Earth knowledge and wisdom, and utilizing our current global pharmacopoeia I am able to source high concept, leading-edge products. My formulations are gentle, effective, non-toxic, and non-invasive. I never use synthetic ingredients or fillers.

I am dedicated to educating people about many aspects of self-healing and alternative, holistic therapies that can facilitate healthy balance and wholeness in their lives.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

See website for product prices or call for a catalog.

Consultations with Holly Beatie for a personal flower essence formula are available by phone or in person. Cost is $140 with 2 bottles. $20 - $25 for consecutive bottles of your formula.

From June through October, Holly sells her High Sierra Botanicals products at the Farmers Markets in her area.

Tuesday - Truckee Regional Park, 8am-1pm

Thursday - Tahoe City Commons Beach, 8am-1pm





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