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Inner Focus Soul Directed Energy Healing


Inner Focus is a professional School for Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing teaching students internationally about the fine art of healing and mind-body connection at the soul level. Spiritual ans Personal Growth, Hands-on healing, Meditation, Higher Self Connection, Awareness Release Technique, Goodness Process, Clairvoyant Scanning and Tracking energy, Energetic Anatomy of the Chakra System in depth, Inner Child-Magical child transformation are just a few of the skills you will learn. We are an international school that comes to you in Chicago, IL, Madison WI, Toronto ON, and Ottawa, ON.

Profile and Credentials        

Dr. AlixSandra Parness, DD is the founder and director of Inner Focus. She is a gifted healer who has spent the last 30 years refining her clairvoyant, channeling and teaching abilities. Her informative style is experiential, humorous, and on the leading edge of humanity’s awakening consciousness. She has trained in a wide variety of modalities, from working with psychic surgeons, to studying with Barbara Brennan, to being a senior faculty member and national coordinator for the School of Energy Mastery. She is an ordained minister and Doctor of Divinity.

In 1994 her personal journey led her to an even greater vision of World Service. Dr. AlixSandra realized that even though she was only one person, choosing to create on her own, she could make a difference - one heart at a time. Inspired by her soul, to face this enormous task, Dr. AlixSandra created the Inner Focus School for Advanced Energy Healing as an international vehicle for attaining enlightenment and world peace.

Dr. AlixSandra is a Clairvoyant Healer and Master Teacher with the ability to find, hold and lift group energy and bring the group into healing. Her

connection with the realms of divine love and Ascended Masters allows for spontaneous healings and enlightened information that uplift the

consciousness of individuals and reveal soul lessons in a gentle, firm and empowering way. It’s impossible to experience this woman without being moved.

Philosophy and Comments        

Inner Focus is devoted to lifting the consciousness of everyone who attends, and to upholding the highest standards of healership.


Inner Focus was founded in 1991 with a commitment to the vision of World Peace through healing the Heart of Humanity, One Heart at a Time. Each soul is a treasure to be cherished and nurtured to its full potential.

We hold this vision for human kind, that inherent in all life is the essence of pure goodness; and endowed by God, this birthright prevails.


Our purpose is to align with our divine essence and higher consciousness to bring forth this vision in our time. Through this alignment, our mission is to empower people to work heartfully with energy and develop into compassionate, heart centered, soul directed healers and enlightened human beings, and thus be an effective force for good in the world. Our goal is spiritual mastery.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

The school is taught in a modular rotation system. Each of the nine modules of the Healing school are 5 days long. They begin at 7AM for dynamic Meditation and end around 5PM. Our facility is residential and food is served on the premises. Each module is $735. Food and lodging are separate and run aprox. $350 for the five days. Payment Plans are available and can be worked out.

Anyone interested in healing is invited to attend regardless of training or background.

Personal Healing Sessions        

Personal Healing Sessions are available from Dr. AlixSandra at $100 per hour. These sessions are very deep and go to the core of any issue. Each sessions is strictly confidential and is done either on the phone or in person. Appointments can be set up be calling 1-800-600-8283 and asking for an open time.

Continuing Education Credits        

Nursing CE’s: This educational activity has been approved by the American Holistic Nurses’ Association which is accredited as an Approver of Continuing Education in Nursing by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Massage CE’s: This educational activity has been approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider under category A.


The Inner Focus School        

You are invited to join us on a unique journey of self-discovery. We will deeply explore the inner dimensions of the chakra systems and provide you with a variety of opportunities for the purification, clearing and personal growth necessary to restore your energy system to health and balance. Our emphasis is on your healing and empowerment, which is crucial to Healing the Heart of Humanity


Inner Focus training provides the greatest opportunity for self mastery. The healing needed to accomplish this goal will teach you essential skills now required

in the expanding field of energy healing.


Classes are all experiential and work with the group energy in the moment.

Developmental Skill:

• Experience the energetics of You!

• Self-discovery

• Finding your Passion

• Learn Meditation

Healership Skill:

• Learning to Feel, Sense and Locate Energy

• Inner Focus Awareness Release Technique

• Soul Directed Healing

Vision Skill:

• Clairsentient Sensing Skills.

• “Seeing” with All of You.

Inner Focus is committed to community, a group consciousness that invites people from all walks of life to come together and reveal their true essence. This leads to heart connections that last for a lifetime


The Teaching shows you how to build a bridge between your earthly life and immortal soul.

We are a mystery school that helps you to find that spark of truth in your heart that will allow you to Believe in Yourself once again.

Please call 1-800-600-8283 for information and a catalog. Or, visit our website at www.innerfocus.org

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