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Lisa Guyman


Denver, CO 80231
United States
T: 303 861-2280


Welcome to Inner Sanctum a santuary for your mind, body and soul.

Lisa Guyman offers Primordial Sound Meditation and Reiki Classes and Reiki Treatments. She also offers spiritual life coaching and the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

Visit http://inner-sanctum.com to sign-up for Lisa Guyman's monthly newsletter: "Reach for the Stars: Secrets for the Body, Mind and Soul."

Wishing you the best. Namaste,


Sign-up for my free monthly newsletter: "Reach for the Stars: Secrets for Your Mind, Body and Soul from Inner Sanctum."

Also visit: http://lisaguyman.isagenix.com

Profile and Credentials        

Lisa Guyman, B.A. in Psychology, Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor (certified by The Chopra Center), Reiki Master/Teacher (teaching since 1998) and Spiritual Life Coach. She is an author in the book "Sacred Healing: A Guide to Getting it" and has also produced two CDs, a guided meditation CD and a Reiki Training 5 CD Set. See the bottom of the page for more information on her CDs

Learn more at http://inner-sanctum.com.

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Lisa Guyman is available by phone Monday-Saturday from 10:00AM-6:00PM at (303) 861-2280.

Journey into Meditation: Guided Meditations for Healing, Insight & Manifestation CD by Lisa Guyma        

Be guided into three deeply relaxing meditations by Lisa Guyman.

Journey into Meditation includes: a chakra balancing meditation, a meditation for receiving insight, and a manifesting meditation each with a very manageable listening time of about 20 minutes. Listeners have described these guided meditations as healing, centering and transformative.

In these meditations Lisa Guyman’s soothing voice guides you while ambient music composed by Rob Wallace plays in the background creating the perfect space for deep relaxation. Lisa Guyman is a Chopra Meditation Instructor and Reiki Master and teaches meditation and Reiki workshops. Available at itunes, at http://inner-sanctum.com and at Amazon.com .

Journey Through Reiki: Complete Treatments, Instruction, Principles & Music–5 CD Set by Lisa Guym        

In this unique instructional and experiential program, Lisa Guyman guides the Reiki practitioner through core concepts, practices and treatments in a meditative and thoughtful way. Lisa Guyman's soothing voice merges with the ambient musical compositions of Rob Wallace providing an ideal environment for Reiki.
This powerful healing program includes three guided practice sessions, three deeply relaxing self treatments, essential healing principles and 10 ways to increase the flow of Reiki. This CD set also includes one hour of healing and meditative music composed for Reiki.

This program is designed to enhance the training you receive at a Reiki workshop. Lisa Guyman has been teaching Reiki since 1998 and is a Chopra Meditation Instructor and author. This 5 CD set is available at Amazon.com, at http://inner-sanctum.com and in mp3 format at itunes and CDbaby. Total running time: 5 hrs and 20 minutes.



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