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Innovative Healing Arts

Caren Seabeneck, RET, RMT, RHy


Sedona, AZ 86336
United States
T: 928 204-5912
F: 928 204-5912


Innovative Healing Arts offers stress reduction therapies within a supportive, nurturing environment. Rapid Eye Technology releases neural distortions caused by trapped emotional pain. Reiki balances the body organs and chakras (try it with hot rocks!). Sessions and classes available. Alternate Lives Journeys facilitate guided imagery into past or alternate lifetimes. Inner Guidance Accessing provides contact with Guides and Loved Ones. Rife frequency technology, far infrared sauna and ozone therapy also available. See website for more info and full range of rates and services.

Profile and Credentials        

Caren received rapid eye technology technician training from founder Renae Johnson in Salem, Oregon in 1995. All three levels of Seichem Reiki training were provided by Jo Beth Eckerman, Owl Woman - Shaman, in Kirkland, Washington in 1995. Hypnotherapy Certification by Hypnodyne Foundation was completed in 1997.

Philosophy and Comments        

Releasing ingrained toxic shame and guilt and repressed traumas allows one to live in joy instead of pain - life's lessons can be fun! Changing our thoughts and expectations gives us greater freedom and ability to manifest a positive reality and to co-create with God. "Suffering is necessary only to teach the soul not to suffer!"

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Flexible; currently accepting evening and weekend appointments. Please go to website for more information and fees.





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