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Carey Lubow


NY United States
T: 518 734-4662


We perform comprehensive property inspections and provide you with the most factual, objective and informative analysis of your prospective home. Additionally we provide commercial and institutional inspection services. Our inspections are performed to the highest industry standards. With over 38 years experience comprehensive and objective inspections are performed exclusively for you.

Our reports are highly detailed and user friendly.

Click on the link below to see a Sample Inspection Report.

Profile and Credentials        

Our company is Licensed by New York State and has been conducting home inspections for over 38 years. As a former certified builder, NYS Municipal Building Inspector in the Towns of Windham, Ashland, Harpersfield, and in the Villages of Athens and Hobart, Director of NYS Weatherization Program and HUD Housing Rehabilitation Programs Director our expertise has long been established in all aspects of home and commercial construction and inspection services.

We are required to meet education certification standards every two years.
Additionally approved as a NYS Home Inspection Instructor which provides continuing education classes to other inspectors for licensing.

Philosophy and Comments        

At CBL HOME INSPECTION SERVICE LLC, we believe that a home inspection should provide you with a thorough evaluation of the home or property that you are considering purchasing. We pride ourselves in delivering a clear, concise, objective inspection and report. When deficiencies are discovered careful consideration is given to explaining the nature of the defect and recommendations are made in regard to repairs. We serve only the buyer's interests exclusively, even though we are recommended by many real estate companies and attorneys.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

We have flexible hours to meet your home inspection needs and would be pleased to provide a price quote for our inspection services. Please call our office at 518 734-4662 or e-mail us at careylubow@gmail.com

Inspection Process        

You are encouraged to attend the inspection if possible, but if not the report is very detailed and can be easily understood. Our inspection are comprehensive and typically take around 3 hours to complete. The following items listed below are inspected:

-The structural integrity of the foundation, floors, wall, ceiling and roof construction.

-Utilities: electrical, heating, fireplaces, woodstoves, plumbing, drainage, water fixtures, water and sewerage systems including well flow and septic dye testing.

-All interior floor, wall, and ceiling finishes including windows, doors, kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

-All exterior components: siding, roofing, porches and decks, chimneys, gutters and leaders, exterior lighting, surface drainage and attached garages.

-Wood destroying infestation inspection is included in our structural inspection.

-Ancillary environmental services: water testing for bacteria and in-depth water testing, radon testing and lead testing.

After the inspection is completed the report is emailed within 24 hours. The report will list all the components of the home and their condition. Defects will be accompanied in the report with photos and recommendations.

In addition we provide ongoing technical assistance after the inspection is performed in regard to repairs, basic operation of the mechanical components of the home, property improvements, or renovations.


Please click on the link above to view a Sample Inspection Report. Our reports are highly detailed and contain photographs and thermal Images if any areas are identified as needing repair. Every component of the home is listed identifying the material used and its condition. Also preventive maintenance items are referenced. The age of HVAC equipment and Water Heaters are listed. The report is user friendly with a reference guide and glossary to understand and locate the components listed in the report. We strive to email your report by the next business day and are available for any questions you may have.

A Thorough Home Inspection        

A home inspection is only as good as the experience the inspector has and the equipment utilized to perform your home inspection. At CBL Home Inspection Service LLC we are always expanding and upgrading our home inspection tools to perform a thorough inspection for you the homebuyer. Although certain components of the home aren't visible or accessible such as the interior wall or ceilings structures or the interior components of the utilities we use a Thermal Camera, Borescope Camera, Moisture meters, Carbon Monoxide and combustible Gas detection equipment, Electrical testing equipment to provide a thorough, accurate and detailed inspection report. In addition a Thermal Camera can identify water penetration or moisture accumulation in the interior cavities of the floor, walls, ceiling and roof structure before becoming visible on the interior of the home.

Customer Reviews        

Thanks. We got the report. Again, thank you for such a comprehensive inspection. My daughter and fiancé spoke very highly of you.

Thank you for the report. Well done. It was a sincere pleasure meeting you and you made the day educational, informational and fun.

All the best,
Paul and Lisa

Hi Carey,
I have received the inspection report. I wanted to thank you for your thorough and careful work. Also, thank you for all the education you provided. I learned a lot (especially that I have a lot more to learn!!)

It is not easy to find professionals like yourself, with such a wealth of knowledge who prioritize quality and safety.

It was a pleasure to meet you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your thoroughness, professionalism and communications.
Thanks again,
Ms. J.

Thank you. The report is great. Very detailed and will be incredibly useful.
Oriel L.

Thank you Carey – it was a pleasure working with you. It’s always a re-assuring experience working with an experienced professional.
Joe C.

Hi Carey,
Pleasure meeting you Saturday and thank you for the detailed report. I will review this evening and get back to you with any questions.

Lori & Carey,
We wanted to thank you for recommending Carey to us. You were absolutely right about him. He is thorough, professional and detail oriented. We really appreciate the diligence and attention that he gave this job.
Thanks to you both,
Ming & Daniel

What an excellent, thorough and detailed report!
Thank you,

Dear Carey,
Thank you so much for sending these reports. We look forward to seeing the additional reports as they come in.
We both agree that you were a pleasure to work with, and that you taught you us a tremendous amount about the house. Thank you for including and explaining every detail in easy to understand and comprehensive language. Whitney and I both appreciated having your eyes and expertise on the case!
We are reviewing the reports now, and will let you know if we have any questions. Thank you again Carey. Have a terrific evening.
Jacob and Whitney

Hi Carey,
Billy and I just wanted to say thank you for such a thorough inspection yesterday! We really appreciate all your insight and guidance. Have a great rest of your weekend.

Dear Carey,
Thank you for the inspection. We are very happy that we went with your services. My dad was impressed and it takes a lot to impress him. Thanks again.
Liz and Glenn

It was truly a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your thorough and careful inspection and report. I learned so much on your visit and I really appreciate it.

Thank you for the quick response, patience and professionalism.
We will be sure to recommend you.

Thank you very much for your thorough inspection!!

Dear Carey,
Well done and very detailed.
Thank you!

Thank you so much Carey. It was a pleasure to work with you and I appreciated the time you took explaining things to me regarding the new property.

Hi Carey,
It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for the very thorough inspection.

Thanks for the good job!!!!!!
All the best!

Received the report and will now try to digest its contents.
Thank you for your professionalism on this project.
It was a pleasure dealing with you.

Hi Carey,
Thanks so much for the time spent at the house and for your prompt turnaround - I will certainly refer anyone to you.

Thanks Carey. It was great to meet you and we appreciate how thorough you were.

We received your report-very nice! It was a pleasure doing business with you today. I sure learned a lot.

Hi Carey,
Thanks so much for your thorough report. I look forward to now working to make the necessary repairs. Have a great summer!

Hi Carey,
The report looks great! Thank you for everything. It was very nice meeting you.

Hi Carey,
Thanks so much for the speedy delivery and the candid advice!

He was very thorough, informative, and recommended other suggestion and service. Very satisfied with his services.

Hi Carey
Thanks so much for your prompt and thorough inspection report. It's been a pleasure!


It was a pleasure meeting you too. Thank you for your time and going thru the condo as thoroughly as you did.
Thank you



Thank you so very much. I admire your professionalism.


Hey Carey,

Thank you for the VERY thorough and complete report. When i purchased my current home 9 years ago, the inspection was nowhere near as detailed as yours. We appreciate your time.


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