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Integral Astrology

Armand Diaz, Ph.D.


Bayside, NY 11361
United States
T: 917-216-1541


I offer a variety of astrological services, including basic chart readings, a comprehensive "Integral Consultation," relationship readings, locational astrology, and electional astrology (choosing the time for an event). Crystal recommendations can be included within any astrological reading.

I also offer individual instruction in all aspects of astrology. This tutorial is given on an hourly basis, at a time we mutually agree upon. In person or by phone or internet. Tutoring in use of the I Ching is also available.

A comprehensive four-month course in Integral Astrology combines astrology with Integral Theory, and focuses on using astrology as part of an overall program of spiritual evolution and consciousness development.

Contact me using the link provided, or visit my website for more information and fees.

Profile and Credentials        

With over 25 years experience in divination, including Tarot, I Ching, and Astrology, I have a very broad knowledge of divination.

My education includes a BA (psychology) from Columbia, a Masters from Hofstra University. My doctorate in Transformative Studies is from the California Institute of Integral Studies, where I studied the lives of psychic mediums, a project for which was awarded a scholarship from the Esalen Institute.

Philosophy and Comments        

My approach to astrology, the I Ching, and divination in general is to emphasize the choices you have and the tools you possess to help you achieve your goals... and to clarify what those goals are. While prediction is part of astrology, we need to recognize that we can know what challenges will emerge, but it is up to us to decide how we will respond. It is not so much a matter of knowing "what will happen" as it is of knowing what you can do about it, and what the meaning of the time is for you.

I offer accurate, compassionate, useful astrological advice, in a supportive, nonjudgmental context.

It's not about predicting your future, it's about creating it!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please see my website for fees.

All consultations are by appointment.

Transformation: The Four Keys to Thriving in Times of Change        

Learn how to create the changes you want in your life - and handle the changes you weren't expecting! Insightful, easy to read, and fun, this book will help you to understand your attitudes towards change in different areas of your life: relationships, career, family, and more.

This groundbreaking book offers the wisdom of astrology without the jargon or sun-sign simplifications. You'll discover the four patterns of change that serve as templates for major life transitions, and how to make the most of each of them as they arise.

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