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489 East Rd
cadyville, NY 12918
United States
T: 518 293-8294


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Isis Rising


Visionary art that evokes the internal spiritual power of the eternal Isis within us.

May the Isis within be awakened: in the Meditation series by our communion with the sacred earth; in the Blue Lumina series by communion with our holy body; in the Mandala series by communion with the Cosmic Energy.

Profile and Credentials        

The visionary,goddess-inspired art of Kimberly Berg has been created to inspire, uplift, empower and liberate women of the Third Millennium. He strongly repudiates the justifications men have used to intimidate and dominate women as practiced in many cultures for millennia.

Kimberly Berg lives a Zen life of voluntary simplicity in the Adirondack forest of upstate New York. In this quiet, peaceful environment he practices the art of calligraphy, poetry, and painting, unconsciously following the oriental discipline for an artist's development.

He is a published poet and his art has been exhibited both regionally and in various national juried shows. His art has also appeared in several publications including NEW ART INTERNATIONAL, NEW ENGLAND ART JOURNAL and in the recent edition of LIVING ARTISTS 13th Edition which will be available April 2003.

He plans to have prints and posters of his work made available in the near future.

Philosophy and Comments        

As a male artist I have been intrigued by the feminist movement since its inception in the 70's. I sensed from the beginning that this was an historical event that could have profound implications in reshaping our social values for future generations.

Gradually, I realized that I was not entirely immune from the charges the feminist were bringing against the male population. Even though I strongly believe in a woman's right to equality, I still feel ashamed of belonging to a gender that has a long history of suppressing and dominating women for no other reason than because they are female.

As a partial answer to such injustice I have tried to create an art that is inspiring and empowering to women who find themselves living in a world that often treats them unfairly and seeks to suppress,intimidate and dominate them.

My art is also influenced by the realization that many women suffer because they have no real god whom they feel is empowering, no Higher Being whom they feel can relate to their womanly needs.

Sometimes I ask myself if I am really the one to speak about such things. After all, what can a man really know about the injustices done to women at the hands of men. However, I believe that when a woman speaks, she is largely speaking to the "converted". When a man speaks it means that the message is succeeding where it matters most. It gives their message a stamp of credibility that can't be achieved when it's just being heard and believed by women alone. I also feel that when the message is spoken by a man it will have a better chance of being heard by another man than if it is spoken by women alone.

Despite the long history of suppression, I firmly feel that the future belongs to women. There are many reasons why I feel this to be true but I will mention only one or two here.

The technological world we live in no longer needs legions of brawn and might in the work place. I believe women have inherently better skills to handle the tasks of a technological society than men. They have the required intelligence, and patient attention to detail needed for such tasks.

Another recent development proving this point is the fact that today more women are enrolled in colleges in USA then men.

Even in developing countries such as Bangladesh it is women not men who are seen as being capable and most responsible and trustworthy to receive loans to start small businesses of their own.

It is for reasons such as these that I believe it is women who will lead us into the Third Millennium.

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