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Its About Timing

Its About Timing


Puyallup, WA 98373-5631
United States


Spiritual astrological assistance in finding the best day and time for your Traditional Wedding day or special Commitment Ceremony. Three generations of experience exclusively providing unique direction in planning all aspects for your exceptional day. Imagine knowing the best day and time have been provided by harmonizing your birth chart with the date chosen. Gift certificates are also available.

We serve the Northwestern states of Washington and Oregon, the Southwestern states of Nevada, Arizona, Maui – Hawaii with an emphasis on California: San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Ventura, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Central Coast and the SF Bay Area.

We are a web site and accept all other areas. We can set your Astro Chronoscopic Hour for any place in the world where you choose to celebrate your special day.

Profile and Credentials        

We are Astrologers Haunani. A duo of astrologers from a family spanning three generations involved with astrological work. Our unique application of astrology is exclusively dedicated to setting the Astro Chronoscopic Hour. This is the most auspicious day and time which correspond to the parameters you select. (You select what year and months in which you want your celebration to fall.) The date and exact hour are set to your specified geographical longitude and latitude and time zone.

Astrologers know as celestial bodies move, the influential impact they send is ever changing. When a planet is in one or another zodiacal sign the effect varies greatly. One is “in tune” with the cosmos --- the Universal Flow --- when aspects support the kind of ambiance most favorable to your specially planned event.

We are completely dedicated to you in finding the best date and time for your Traditional Wedding or Commitment Ceremony.

Philosophy and Comments        

Traditional Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies are important. This, next to your birth or death, is the most special day in your life. This is when you have chosen to join with another soul for the good of the whole. On your special day you are joining in loving respect with another being. At no other time is the possibility of joy and love so real. So why leave it to the availability of chance?

Take control of your event and know that you have been supplied the most perfect time to seal your union. Your most auspicious day should not be a hit or miss proposition, but the result of carefully selected astrological aspects which best represent your wishes and support the values that are most important to the two of you.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

All Traditional Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies are beautiful. When two people come together for their special moment it is all the more important to understand the essence of timing. Our efforts involve finding the most auspicious hour and day, as long as it takes, but the price is always $200. There is never a charge for additional time spent on a customizing request however detailed. Our commitment to you is to assist you in having your day as desired.

Customizing Your Celebration        

When you order your Astro Chronoscopic Hour at our Web site, itsabouttiming.com, you will find a customizing form when you click the “Customize Your Order Now” button. We invite you to review this form before you purchase.

Astro Chronoscopic Hour Certificate        

You will be receiving a beautifully inscribed, personalized, attractive art certificate printed on 8 ½” x 11” heavy paper with a photo finish. This charming certificate makes a beautiful and tasteful opening page or cover for a wedding book. It is also suitable for framing. You may view the certificate in full color on page two of our web site, itsabouttiming.com. The wording for the Traditional Wedding ceremony employs the term “nuptials”. On the certificate for the Commitment Celebration the term used is “commitment of”. The certificate is original artwork and trademarked.

Descriptive Pages        

You will also receive 10+ pages of exclusive information researched from the data related to your Astro Chronoscopic Hour. These unique pages explain what the nuances (astrological aspects) are and how to use them in planning all facets of your day.

*Know what kind of first impression your celebration holds.

*Know how to set the mood you want.

*Know that the details you have requested on the customizing form are supported!

*Know which essential oils support your desires and how to apply them.

And much more! You can relax and have fun with your planning using this exclusive information exactly detailed to your parameters.

Pink Out Alerts        

We invite you to view our unique, free service of “Pink Out Alerts”. Please feel free to visit our web site, itsabouttiming.com, on page three (the customizing page). At the year and months you wish to be married section, click on “Pink Out Alerts”. The “Pink Out Alerts” are helpful in finding times which are not suggested as optimal for celebrations. Each alert is described by date when the negative influence is to be in effect. You will read easy-to-understand explanations of why the time is not right.

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